Monday, August 29, 2005


from the property they posses of absorbing certain materials
from the tissues and convey
-ing them into

( ) has begun the effexor again
this will affect his prick(ling)
I hold secret/ofor him in my lap must
bow my head to view it flex my nape nap
I love the possibilities which may rise from the river
thud-fogs once a girl was saved floods wilder each year weed
which they never cull will choke it that and the risk of weil’s
(his) serotonin is rising
never mind all this crap
they will row
( ) floats
we grow through a oh carpet burn joke, a small snecksnag

at his knee khaki agapped in the moonlittening jungle
man’s hair
I’m fallen into fantasy as ( )kneel
( )kneel
I plant verbascum. It will be my spike
yellow bloo-blooms amidst white furry
unmentholated yet-menthol like leaves

in Portugal in my marriage along the road up to Monchique
one year there was a eucalyptus forest
but then it must have burned
or the marriage went qucker
than expected and years
screw pines which occasionally phallicked by
bush-fire sun not has not managed oh look to retrieve
trees they are sticks
whatever did I did learn? this

dawn bought pain
down my left fallopian tube
that would have been our ‘mistake’
but there’ll be no blood more than normal
no tears no endometrial pyre
no spilt milk
caught between a devil and a thumb
gr__ hairs

adrenaline is falling
my hair is falling
in comparison to world events
this means sharepriceshit

my daughter left menstrual blood on the carpet
if she were a witch she would have put it on
the garden at full moon the lymphatics have derived their name
from the appearance of the fluid contained in their interior (lympha, water)
they are also called absorbents, from the property they posses
of absorbing certain materials from the tissues
and conveying them into the circulation
and they would have been women not liquids
and they were women not

there are clod holes in the grass
made by the dogs
the dogs of the full moon are not grey but russet
as appropriate to howlers
they beget their own kind there will be a helioboric hollyhock
as a reminder and by now years will have seen excess eucalyptus
sold for a good profit

rumours abound
3000 blown to smithereens in korea
but whether that’s north or south is unknown
but up they went

(a proverbial reverse plumb line)
and the world is sdrummed by fear (come, eat, eat)

your mood
your legflesh view byte
black a friend’s father caught a rare encephalitis and was paralysed
not a fish although he slept on his boat
They made an enormous haul and He cooked them fish
for breakfast!!
and although many thought a ghost ate

and eventually down what was left
that wasn’t vapour

heads bowed not metaphorical but literal body


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

moved August 14th

lift begins the utterly the he lift
no progressive cervical syrupy
hers dilatation, foetal descent shift
incensed by slowing hierarchy
mode for fourth for hold for floor support
should be thyme verbena sage sweet rue
contradiction: his biretta caught
nares-wise slow motion less honeydue
equals sharav - a virulent windbite
cannibalistic goes it all n’er Lundy
Fastnet nor Shannon, nothing childright
teeth, carrion, aliunde
this Assumption dogmaticated
(pause, a brief redundant rear pulse-led...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

spine diaries 1


gravic and the tensilelessness presses
docquets for less than precipitous certains
cannot conquer swing or swerve with the timeless
neither joy nor necessarieds’ helmage earns
free passage: all movement moot sloth
which must slither plead with stepbets
non-supports, duplicidentate wroth
pain in its stab style recinds assets
better should shrivehold to shoulder
                                              the world
not does but skimmers a mirage temptress
females are writ stronger by dint wombened
my position codeined, varmint lackness
pain; whatever could be manly’d          away
bites. The whole right side left to rule today

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