Tuesday, September 16, 2008


y/our chayyim dottle in the whiskin bowl: I
slow-watch its slow-drip slopbalm
my plunge hands my finger face
demi-soothed in desiderations
my anger-auger a sprottle in
my rumen gag place: I
straw for the fierce
y/our salutiferous behest a’penanceing in
the overstark, potentially awed my
stagger to the furthervessel
hall a bellow-wok in a
goose stain hollow: I
tallow for y/our wait
fathom shadows to a less-cr
mass dace shape hold semi
a quasi-grace in my palm
fold: I hidden wipe y/our
taint taste over my
suck preference
a meerschaum lace trough ghost
trail luck history-shoddy and
plain pain staked and
want ruddering up
the fantasy stiff
complaints: I
cripple for the health wish hobble and
we-awash y/our follow-compliance
submissived in the cower recall
missal my happy pressure
replace, phase
recauled krissed and unfect cranky
y/our clear chiasmed: I
grok my sent
soapool equal
- splayed

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Friday, September 12, 2008


the rise repeal repress: I hover
us the fleet dream passing
morning the misplaceds
which limbs wake their
which caress songs: I
fathom for the hip
press: y/our aft-generous leg slip
to the frisk test y/our a little later
y/our return to the sameskin
rest then breath then chest
then back-lisp a crest a
frenulum risk hasp
after the open
surmise: I plunder
the hypnapopic acquiesce
slumber the sweetness
behest arm drop to
the happenchance request list
the witherene rising from its damppool
the skeething tut-teeth tethering their
conservative circumspect, more
the dread-sink in the stomach
the adrenergic pitalert
the swirt formaline
demands: y/our
skirt swirl
derfs: I
stir to the finally firm finds - blessed

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Thursday, September 04, 2008


a sumac hip a divinious double divide: I
incendiary y/our firebreak track
legs rhus velvet littering the
mountainous sheet rucks
sudden bed dreg
stains a mensal
our touch regains
sluck to the grab tack armpit sines: I
make for the sacroiliac secret
a gimcrack spot forensics vie
the underlabial and fundus
luck a non-severance a
go pre-pus discernable
crime for the leaving
of it: I
scry a ramp up within y/our lickback
honour scurry with the ravenous
untarry finger beat parry linger
stronger for the cry slime
slurry the try attack: we
bareback: we
very: we
slowly, a chasubled crux-nubble
bemired in the plausible heart: I
carry the hush responsibility
sip-sweet and replete
with purpose

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