Thursday, August 21, 2008


this edsl sign
these ubiquitouses: I
lumber the previous mainder
reorder the morning agenda the
parabollicking tendency get-
aways there hides ghosts
they are wooled
they spitlay
chromal eggs along
sweatchest damp fibres
breasts splayed by the ghoul aura: I
dig deep into pocket seam
parameters the traffic is
a tag line for the hand
patrol wander: I
splice tender
from malign
the crawls pander to their hidehurt: we
have hauled divide knives
eyes yurt hearts bigsilk
over the tender
trawl non-defends
cry loam nourishes the leasts: I
cross between dawn mines
wipe nipples free of
maulmites spool
the thighsteel
to joopfeel: I
smart in my yet unslicked partcrack
for a pack of ants, would
swap for a swarm for
a nest on the neck: I
maunder a two finger slew: I
deadhead the semi-
temporary itch to
parchwood labia and onto swollen arse
the car bike bus ménages pass, are
a smooch substitute
the rub fabric

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Saturday, August 16, 2008


and with the wither we are
altered and with the alter
we are salt faultered
are attenuated on
the further march
rubyeyed the loveblood
chest unstaunched
pain pluralated: I
late am a match
for stepped gain: tip
toe over the willow haunts
am filled with batteneds
with xyster-thoughts
plea spraint the wainscoting’s
twee cream something
haughtily shot-puce
‘n endometriummed
past babies come
out in a shoot of their
own flowering crying: now
we are free to skither about
our slithery origins are mithered
are invested hope predictable growth
curves critical periods: I
tie my laces against
proof, rheumy this
haplogic which
attests dreams beget
take my pillow, rawbone,
miscellaneous patchedsilk
into the hovelled staunch nest
dabble with stoppable
dither myself until


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


y/our pulling lip: I
furl fer the wine/deftquiver y/our surety
overleft from correct from decorated
from deft ancestrals/sadnesses
y/our luscious again shush: I
y/our fingerpressed in-
rim flavour pursue
which wounds which
knowledgeabled aim: y/our lick
advantaged forefed y/our no
needing y/our other
tendril tenacity than take: I
noguess neither erreur oblige
y/our swallow noblesse grievances
vintaged, laid gone ferment
gone maid down gone
lacemad with years y/our sweet
y/our smile y/our misplaced
handle on it y/our decor-
ative hiddens overiped
sucked in immediately: I y/our thus
correct curve whose hmm
choose-kiss temporarily
empty of world pouts
against remediacy
(we with the
finally) form
-ally pours

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I desiderate y/our soak satin
for our appropinquity
illusion pull y/our
drip imprue from
the seccocrust behest: then
again y/our manifest confess for that, that
bedshift in a dryplate impress
the almost shambles
the shoulder
stumble test the
abreast initiative
the nil argumentative: I
half after a moist-start a
cling reset: I
the dew tongue
begin imbue the ripe hasten
crest fizz the rise sherbet touchpalm: we
for slide long for appreciable for madid
reachables talk nigh yes imports: we
clavver about our joint sweat dreg
our arguables we boundaryless
rudder the bladder escape
some ageless some
when-occasional some
wry, the dryable splayed
to rue piss the spray
provender wander
the insigh our
core meander: we
little-death the blot excess: we
y/our partitive afterlife
exsiccate: we
unharm our satiate: we
happenrest, leg-intrenched then

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