Sunday, October 31, 2004

Day Job
Presidential appointments are an ongoing effort. Some appointments will require Senate confirmation. These appointments are for positions throughout the federal government, for the Cabinet and subcabinet, for members of regulatory commissions, for ambassadorships, for judgeships and for members of numerous advisory boards.

The President will also make many other political appointments that do not require Senate confirmation.

To serve our country as a member of the administration will be both an honor and a privilege. However, government service is not for everyone. Anyone thinking about applying should be aware that:

The hours are long and the pace intense. There is much public/press scrutiny, as you would expect in an open, democratic form of government such as ours.

Most applicants under serious consideration for an appointment will go through a full FBI background check in which their employment, professional, personal, travel, medical, financial, legal, military and educational histories will be reviewed and scrutinized.

The financial holdings and sources of income for most applicants under serious consideration must be disclosed for review for possible conflicts of interest, and any conflicts must be remedied by divestiture, the creation of special trusts, etc.

Most appointees’ dealings with the Federal government during and for a period of time after their service will be significantly restricted to prevent possible conflicts of interest.

Anyone wanting to apply for a non-career position in the Executive Office of the President or a Federal Department, Agency or Commission should proceed as follows:

Fill out an application form and submit it electronically. You will be sent an email or card indicating that your application has been received. Your information will be kept on file for as long as the President is in office, and you will be considered for the position(s) or subject area(s) in which you have expressed an interest whenever openings occur.

If and when you are considered for a specific position, you will be asked to fill out a Personal Data Statement for White House review. At this point you will be asked about possible conflicts of interest deriving from your sources of income; all aspects of your personal and professional life, including organizations to which you belong or once belonged; speeches you may have given and books, articles, and editorials you may have written; legal, administrative and regulatory proceedings to which you may have been a party; in short, anything that might embarrass the President or you if he should choose you for a position in his administration.

If the White House is further interested in your nomination, you will be asked to fill out FBI and financial disclosure forms for subsequent review and approval. To have a better understanding of the information you will be asked to provide, you can review the security clearance form for National Security Positions and the financial disclosure form for higher level positions. You should know that most appointees are required to file financial disclosure statements annually during their service.

If the position for which you are being considered requires Senate confirmation, the Senate committee that reviews nominations for that position may ask you to provide additional information. You should assume that all the information you provide during any part of this process is ultimately subject to public disclosure, if requested, per the Freedom of Information Act.

This process is very demanding of the applicant, as the jobs and appointments are demanding of those selected for them. The President appreciates your willingness to serve and wants to make it as easy as possible for you to pursue your interest in joining the administration.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Chaucer's Ballot Box Tales

The Oral Argument's Tale

Part I

The load abandardless wext
of the sided 12th Articlear
was revisory cons in seven
No. 2 perpled chads.
Ballots allots were under       (5)
Hawke vs Govember: that
it shall Code Williami-Dade
negligence non-judict.

The Court's stations vetoed
indence and prespectives       (10)
were phassuming omelection.
A period, pursuant different
and text process conted, by
May matterioded, punched.

Browardman v. Will was       (15)
19 day recountions
and respectionable. Subbed
six was damaged and the suggest
phase peneted up.
Tallots recoundiscreemed.       (20)

County 64 differences,
noticulations and severvotes
were uniformed in state
lowers. Ah! 168 timetational review
laws are cognizance and       (25)
novo rementagence
errelated by juris equation.

The Code Palm Beckstrom are thence
pencilent, appellt in a 19 day
recounty federal ballot of Appell V.       (30)
The majoriter prementatured.
Then fine and fairness were unequal
to deter Chappellate.

What Gore rotection was
stitutory and which card       (35)
for Beckstriction 8 did referency

Hanging Senary officienties
fourton their lationstrom.
It consists tal utterplexity.       (40)
The Circuit was judicting
80 percent ad hoc
post-election for 5 limits.

The did the Circuit cer legal-
fashion for 10 day violatutive.       (45)
In with metaturing was their
hanguage time and their
seveniency arguing
referenceivable for Boies.

But Kennedie deters,       (50)
respecitating thousandard
the Palm Judge dame.
Cons recounts, dimpline
a process preser and tallots
differred her Stature State.       (55)

Tabulated she the dimpled
ballots; dimplicated juring
County limity feden.
"Valia, consticertice autor!"
showts Bush, writed legal       (60)
and mandida citation under
his review devolved.

Her remedy was uniforcembered:
his rection de agence was
by Ginsufficial 3 and less.       (65)
But he equal stative agency
did autory contented
and statured standard
was his tabulation
testituto mattersonalled.       (70)

What remedy may,
what fairness equated
was lumped by 12th December?
His ballots closest sounselled.
His 215 ado poing truncture.       (75)

Section recificialled and pretive
by the 12th she deadling
Inden valiams fill for 19 days
remaining was her place       (80)
wholess executed.

Part II

Now, conteds and recounteds
were disagreemed.
They all noticed a process,
implicalled and pred of the conclusia.       (85)
The invoked deadline was novo
and thence came the Statutor
who conced his authoridates.

Two minings were sected
and consticulation to be       (90)
their sticulation was reviewed
and litty conduction was
all chads – the major
by December untethered.

They ask "168, Senary are they       (95)
devolved by 1988?" And they a judicial
netty defined 168 as differency.
Quappling 80 pertificials
was sufficial, making trounty
and scan conce by 19 days.       (100)

This impled the chad one: his
expirationstitution by only 5.
His Title Leon went unreason
unt he equated dimplenators
in his answers.       (105)
"No provision is in subsection 1,"
was replied.

But cons remained and
a vacated fundination by
3 U.S. Court's quests       (110)
were punctured.
Staticatch-allots were standatory
and deadlined in an execution box.
Llists went grounty and conced
all the ballots, assuming stand       (115)
and preds OK by deter's recount.

The Suprest was propriety
and a major Liebermity caused
set unreason de negligence
in their boards.       (120)
Then it was Provember v. Ested
whose counts absenceduralled.

"Mr. Justitutiv, is unreason
grounty or aritated?"
The widerently deadlinged lower       (125)
and their standis-agreemedy
went undid.

In Subsentestem was one
referelated for six days.
Each indent thered and severed.       (130)
The votested went standardless.
Negligence was in Palm.
But in Justion the definess
was all unpretable.

So finally 3 U.S. Chapplicans       (135)
had vassency – a basic tal
crited euphemistically.
Thier guidenties is provisional.
Only 5 lition is invoked
from optibless and unpresolutive       (140)
but ad objection.

Ah! The sufficials rencil all Sections.
They claused the Statutors
and were assing the counts.
They argued cour respecision       (145)
and went dimplainimum;
periousandard and proprief
until a November respection
was stituted and vectioned.

Part III

Then comes Williami and Dade       (150)
from Palm Beckstrom, in provisional
fashion and cognizanced.
But Palm Beckstrict appellahased.
He was studying truncated
lumpticles by only their 3       (155)
dimplentatutory briety.

The Circuit Code in the Tuesday
manual susception says:
Garnessee and Breyer's cons.
They reme by mack-up and adequal       (160)
mation get Leon recontercounted.

A designation granceivable
was days in momention.
No momelection was in
their schemedy, but fashion       (165)
was inderal and standardless.

No volusia or indency
had any briety federal.
All was subsiled and the cons
went bus dointed yet conceivable.       (170)
So now all 3 U.S. Chapplicads
are legating and all counts

So 8 officatches did allot.
Their standards appelled       (175)
in a 1988 tes document.
This standard was Palm Beachined. machine
And the new law County Circuit
with cons and variouds recounts
(doing time not with Decedes)       (180)
was dinted and machined.

What inted chigation
the Artises soundarded.
Then Gored, his experia
unitight and reme posted       (185)
did elet and uniforming
the thorize was forever
staturing his chad
object and appline.

Whose process then       (190)
did opinitight review?
What lanch could
Hawke v. Willines make?
Only the process of negligence
in ballots was recourtoned;       (195)
yet 5 gards were prestedly

Part IV

Thus balls may cate and interple.
The ballegislating time is set
going and each state, coordinative       (200)
and new, like a wide 168 review,
the Circuit Count Gove unity
went indency to baggagence.

"My Prespecting Booth is
de noticed," saith the Supreferentes.       (205)
His restructured conted-state
was his only overall ballot.
No beckstrictive ballots
did give any grapplication.
So shall the context       (210)
of Appellatewise on Tuesdays
invoke OK?

The deviantly devolved system
subcationed and dived.
Its use on Standidays legal       (215)
yet decificial in manne.
Volusia came or invoked
discretion and her board
punched 33 standators
for 177,000 ballits.       (220)

Her stand pretated Indiana.
It devolved its subsection -
hypoth in her distican vassumped.
The 12th decificiency ballots
in her machine matched       (225)
18 fairesideral ballies.
Then Honor did Palm Beach
count and documentalking
he into precounters on his rest.

What standard firm       (230)
did all these standidae subsence?
Their basistory disagreed.
"My systedly laws grappell.
Only a 19 day would violate
any tabulated man", saith Burt,       (235)
a standonment appellated.

The juris of major opining
were then 166 to 168,
and all recounties did case.
No misguident discretted       (240)
but made Section Miams
and Nuccious to minutely
recourt of machigan chads.

Their objection was stitutory
and their opticategory no       (245)
decisions could rogue.
All chads were ad hoc poiled
and all protes their Vicess
went clausing to eview.
Then the deadline past.       (250)

Fairnett authorida was complace
in each branch cased and artised.
"We suggest provision Rehnquist
for a six day core deadline."
But his process office       (255)
was talking evisionsis
and no servotes differed.

All susception became momential.
The uttermine was meaning
plaining of majorited standards.       (260)
"Do inter!" Honor Justitutive
artificiented, "We have argued
counts severent til sticanning."

The blace Palm Becks manual
then utter remes provisioned.       (265)
Conscious down in trom
did preme Beckstrom momenties.
The Circuit consticed then Fridays
and each was inderable
and discretated.       (270)

The big boothe sided was referred
and disputely Honor inted appling;
each chad by marker 168 differed.
The recourt addity major was hanging
in chiness and negligence.       (275)
How preticulated the frame
and how propercented the michads.

Indence for article II the Section Cognianch
went canvassing omentesticulate.
Tabus disagreeme the subcation       (280)
was uniformine in manner
and recoundenties implainition.
Then vetoes did down in metategory
conducturis and Burt's card
stood firm at his station.       (285)

The 5 Titles (meaning black-up
jeopards texts) of Appeal subcatches
(all may resize) said, "You're comparable
to suggest extenceivable majorited."
Yet Stations stayed still cased.       (290)

Part V

Stating stated ballots
the decretation of 5 Title Days
went provisioning in the the corred
firm ballot Beachigation;
gross election machines contensidered       (295)
all counties but fourt ado power
and revided Statestence Ginsburg.

Yet did McPheren 10 day constrom.
Leon of 166 168 Substates was
canvassee; ballots were grapplical       (300)
and baggage was Bush's final
judicial ballegation.

Garness went executional.
Netration for Supretatutes
were articulated and prohibited.       (305)
The baggage of 99 percent is ext official.
The revision is a propriety
and no Circuit contextential
revision became rement
or standardless.       (310)

So very brief elections
stitutived a referror inderal.
Six days in truing chads
was their abandarded Beck.
He went struing and did plainion       (315)
variterminutes provided.
Bot of the Article II vetoes
no court justified a validity.

So, what opining plack
was their marker provision?       (320)
Or erred in a basic critate?
The post-elections vetoes
impled and were not
OK decreemed.

The novo Board Beach       (325)
and Broward Volutes
did no evalidity to mine
and overall all ballots
went closed terror.
But Burt of The 168 Tight Revision       (330)
did 3 differencedes
and inter shalloted up.

"My own addity major can
canvassumine and all our
post-elect percentages       (335)
are stated in their compled
histors review," saith he.
But his limity in the
Circuit Court was matteria.

Then came Volusia.       (340)
Volusia had her busive ballots,
time did provision a substandard
and the ticulature undence
for Will preticulated her 12th
deterpretted ado power.       (345)

The 4th a pursuant county
was insufficientand all its
standardizing chads had no
equal suggestic for their own
chads premanded or constified.       (350)

So that lefted a Miami-Dade Rule II
(vestent in counties' indenties
and alas in fourt cleards).
Too many protes went
available by age 99 and their       (355)
perpretion percounted
in the election 5 Title allots.

What remedy!
What major Liebermity!
The Circuit Courts answered 8       (360)
but only referently and Honor Lieber
conducted 5 gards inderence.
The whole somentent application
was grappellahassed.
The 4th duke invoked       (365)
and counderalled.

Part VI

Coundida comparded Volutive.
Their pollity machines balanched.
Each card did Volusia harticate.
The procedesidency was basisted,       (370)
subjected to certainne cases.
No subsention, omentor dimpled,
could the Supremedy, fair or
errecific, crite to the legislate.

"Let them be valuative,"        (375)
the clause studying charticled
3 U.S. Court did say. "By mine
is all the Gore uniformites manned,
legal and jurisdicial," netrats
the standament County 7 mens.       (380)

Then to clause on Tuesdays
did the legal ballot referent.
The official ballatution test provision
rested in state Novo Boards available.
Each documented the 12th Artifice table.       (385)
Its fundination was erred and licienced.
Each clause's content could stand.

So, no ballots, rogue can
the Supreferency port boothe.
All certificallots votest the way       (390)
the machine nullia cited-in.
What dithered which the official's
discretion violated?

The circuit juring in Texas
provisioned and recited       (395)
Election Breyer's cons and Scallot's
timetable II, Subsection 5.
This claused the Indinatory Heardless.
No negligence was errely justituted.
All invoked chad tallots       (400)
went to their closest phase.

How the misguident are expiratical.
The Honor Richard (hoc pollitica)
is a legal silenary de novo.
His review is langingless.       (405)
A new law and provision
from the Supresignated
was timed but all ballots
not absected or authorised
of their standard        (410)
the Govered truinned.

All opinion for equal ballot
is certiculated. The telets votests
and punched and discreemed
The standards in ballots is tight       (415)
and reconced and prespecision
is all contested even violating
resoment and appeal support.

All standardmen varitered.
3 less their execution were       (420)
respectioned and momed.
Broward and Beckstrom inteded,
their purports appellated, portified.
All subjection of manner is determand.
No context of justice elective do       (425)
the Supreticulates consider or miss.
Onto the their withstands do they still desist!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chaucer's Presidential Debates

Anthony, Cheryl, Daniel, Ann, Nicki, Charlie, Matthew, James, Wanda, John, Bob, Randee, Jane, Rob, Jonothan, Elizabeth, Sarah and Linda's Tale

Part I

Anthousance all FDA summittee threas trophony,
Chard Left restornets. Relations compaide.
350 train Lobbyist-mothanguages nuclead
fastrogen election; all Office Marty form
NATO small-tic guilty base.     (5)
World him healty Taliban Laurent.

But alas! Generic tyrand differal armace
figure spots ally childlife rategy econs.
Blix mothew, John, Bob, Jane Red's urankling
globalant-ward Lugar and Foreat Wes table      (10)
limissing to Jointly bries rotation bulk win.

Ronal option stubbornered war.
Les Cong steral V.A. bunker-city aggraved.
Meanwhilde cargo home ears suggestocked.
Militiful beyondings back door traisement      (15)
hammon and seniors chiestinitic cargo hole.

Nopership coal thony Blaints sugges surges.
Coni Arafat positic Commit effortchards.
Mean airplant wategy healty fordanguage
discrificity aggrave. Depart savel.      (20)
Nebraska beyond up country chan.

Elizabels brandition genced ide nucles.
Yes, econdline deternerass rotechnology.
Generations ove battorth Korea wild.      (25)
Defensisterm all merategy econs.
Courage Soviet diplomacy.
9/11 voluntee why lain missouranium?

Furnatorn fearning 200 gree rotat
primartmentellions. Wealth Koreign Roosever      (30)
dioxide cents sense rotechnology.
Iterage perstand drawing conservation
figure stake hathone delive.
Ched recess win closs dies blocketplants
oil pocketplace forces aff Admiral Office.      (35)

Rayed incommitted mount saved Nation
intly looking chereditise.
Folks mass fears $100 micrower seniors.
Sultilation eyes of Staff, to simpled Folks
train million.      (40)

Oricare why environment Whited looped
undam Husseinse duelferation.
Raise Tony, Bob, Rand progration.
Shocked mist Enron George figurent.
Sulfurbish Franders $89 billionsity.      (45)
Traderseas red world.
Left Berluscountryment.
Wes summittee and the rotative
allion orist and rested mortative.

Part II

1.6 mistan hard Defense respots.      (50)
"Sir, Skies acressistaff, to sign up
generative Afghange feder-underational!"
Lindfastraisement John Aleksand.
Nebrassion rum ass.
Delivercury rebutting oil-food.      (55)

Shorth Canada then – drugs,
bries affordange, kids Medit,
pocked wan eye of stan chiefs.

O Evili Jouri positices.
"Cong sir, why environ flying dangerous?      (60)
Ench Germace figure shorts
sanding Abdullah Jour?"

Then differencommy collegal
refurbish Fran Europe.
Unaccounterned unpopular:      (65)
skies tabless realty Trumanpowe.
Gener seasurgeon diplot to John Al.

Qaid inneriched timissourt.
Duel ferals coops wish French Germinanctive.
"Thous pled sterroric guilty.      (70)
Four several gaminativerational
technology going going going strop!"

Senal ill peachemium
followeredicand sevenue mass wisdom.
Defense Wand senior,      (75)
40,000 acriberation eye soles,
folled Unite chaos King.

"Sir, eye stock mart sulfur bitravativer.
Send shade meral John McCains." - Then
Vable stubbor tected spection      (80)
child-care creto need.

Mothew, Jourt Hague mession
oright countelliesel Arafat
popular. Ketplangests poppon
followed sevelt bombard niewskied.      (85)
350 trates les peace.
Fore figure crack-door unitionse.

Folks wisdom.
Dean Patried love Val tected ded.
Folks troop levision.      (90)
Ration cament lean progenera
usings. Drugs bridge Senal.
Drugs bridge brandida.

Part III

Senal Orw Ann, and Nicked Camessage
cove Afghan.guagests brassing.      (95)
Chand dange nite mess reports.
Gap bile wholes form countriot
to sign bulk withdrafat Patriot.
Ah!.Capitary world Reagan hammon.

Then the senional award Demors changed.      (100)
Trooperate childdren mororiging
stubbor the the washedtectly capitish.
Steadfall polican all- voluntry,
entclear what 2006 speeded.

Dan efformed NATO and with smary wing drugs      (105)
severtaintellow care was rotated.
Their protation bulk wish was invasionalty
aggramated. The chiefe's scowl naive;
back propes.and arboxes gave anti-war
cargo a home eye.      (110)

96,000 Missings brands all.
Sox labeth, indfastruction succeede.
Missouri pockets battor troop pondling.
"Oblicit campanium ass dead"
Iraq turnal Wes discredit by th'atthew,      (115)
John McCainter ammeric Commitalillion.

Then marrassing coaliban Europonent.
Tons Blain stewar looking.
Cong drug Killiam Crimit compaign.
Ronal illion green rayed arboxes too.      (120)
Washington econs of Staff respendet.
A recognized Israel Yes in the travelectly

Korespenal a third-works marrief dipledged.
Sorried camen elected Union.      (125)

But the huge recession (Iranks,
Perroric tyranks massional,
Shinderational Guards,
Medible Creds), low-upped their
punitive Afghangerous enricall.      (130)

No prope air. No Skies Ronal.
No Shings exitted to sacrestropon.
The discountermacy 9/11 vowed
yet gneric systewarded.

Bridges brouséd.      (135)
World small teaced fiscal optional.
John saith, "Elizabel's love branned.
Our invasion shade nitrogration,
structive, differal trainse only."
But Dean wisdom decession fees      (140)
bagged was langerouse.

Duelfer oppone den rumors.
Internets (sic) all FDA suggested
6 minderprotat Whited Unitive.
Medit revenue unitishy Enric.      (145)
Cong globalants shaderally losevelt.
Bottles, seven rebuttinistaff,
two third worry Taliban andida.

Judgment Westructions turnets.
Stanced vetor trave all premical      (150)
responent. Where ist Charma-Jean
who undamerate chases Tony?
Or childe about inition count
who died tunned man at anti-war 37?

Britickets off enched.      (155)
Each gneration based third.
The Democracked cameral.
The tellion respots were nuclear left.
Oh right campass that seemed
rotatically comelantic.      (160)

Peral troops their wing committeer
weran catastroops kids killigeneral.
Willionary, Bob, Ronal, Deces,
Bob Rubin, Ronal Baca - all
Nations unBlixed!!      (165)
Talitiful bag issue.
Loss wast Charbital trave and kissluede.

Part IV

Spake Dean Laure for his Nation fear.
"Eye of make Tommist delive.
John, Elizabel's braniums aftern      (170)
flying limit sacrifice."
So Pharlie Jamercury brought

Off-road drugs brous prolitice.
Pharbitation bunker duced French,      (175)
Generat Pales and branks turnal
Guard bran aid.
Oft 350 tern flying child-care worries
camercroppe held.
Wate! General John Shinse Washy.      (180)
Evilitals collowered pending limitated
care pays decessed and ressagelled.

Yes confusing commital.
Arbor Britaine protations.
Court sacress reven eyes      (185)
values give airplan Afghand
$7 billiam Husseins viables.
Secredic chase rotechnology,
hered $28 billion ton
of St. Lobbyistentclears.      (190)

$100 billege Arafat prolitice man
to each Partmented smarry Talitals.
John ton rushed Iraq turnal gamindae.
Weaponent clearnets severtish.
Franklintly lovers proponded labels.      (195)
Simplace mica certaintly peace
wast unwrit on White cressagels.

So - New York's marriage Guards
killed. He asks why long, long, low cake?
Korea's soreign wealth lost Silvio Behic      (200)
and Dean habitations which wast viable.
Ronal gave truth in the Journal Phard.

Long child danguagel.
No mercury wisdom: the forcessions Committee
up discount was les lests Hussein.      (205)
William discondly signs, his burden
efforeaction discal and illegal

What Baghdad fiscal opped?
Interal aways declints.      (210)
Axis X was ratered Nope Senations.
Office mess decemberal the V.A.
burded, their coalitive directed arried.
Mothanguage forcessing naive eye.
Generals Howar and Louis of Staff      (215)
resulfur Hage's year eye.

FDA succeeded a small plomacy.
$100 tected worried Tony McPeak
and Georgeon fees were no good
sevel Nebrack massed.      (220)
Frandida drugs multipled.
Iraq turnator Riched manny popula.
Thence 2006 complanced.

Frentcles oh but Reagan hammonthony.
McPeak bunker citied and aggravelted      (225)
Hans of Evil beyond crifice.
Amercropholes res overally countee.
"Nations! Nations!" Blix mountee saith.

Then some $2006 college peactional
rebuttals. Wes Eighting abroke Chile      (230)
and their libed stuck.
Card worry wisdom deceiving relied.
Unitise coal illionstroops and kids.
Meditionary catast refur three hanguages.

Generagegive child intern loopholes      (235)
were enric and pessing.
Drug deductions wish Frent Hague.
Spenation, millional, hundred
mothandly shaderal Office.
Americhe crackets.      (240)
Red figure vetors un elevenue
unequivocals bal Jouri 1998.

Clear exit profit.
Mattheryl, Daniewski winderbor the Britiful
beyonding sign weaponents.      (245)
Secretionsister left Berluscon,
secognized Israel and Nebranklined biled.
Ovalues blocked all mans
and the final 1.6 milligenerents loope panned.

Part V

Finally the unpopponded      (250)
a reconing to need.
Jordable unequivocal, Uniors 40,000
technology generated loop.
Emberals blocket planges.

Jobs, 72 yelligenches and generic.      (255)
Mean Europon seemed shy.
Hage whited tica.

Eight hydrograves sensed
Wander Offices in their
mass prolitation war.      (260)
Mountaines of air, water
and jobs were 72 years
times 7 away. Lowes Jordan, lowes Polant,
eye struction lowes Chile

World drugs had been founde      (265)
shutting laidatera using sign
units and attorned to worry
and relive the threat.
So the West gunned
a fight campass: it planted      (270)

Israel, Arafat, whole brief off discals.
V.A. protechnology, good pletes:
Allies, Liban, Europons.
Joint White Howse giveaways.      (275)
What senigrational peace mothanges?

Declints nuclears. Fees made
wasniel by third worlde ressions.
Al Qaida ist figurent commit.
Scals weaponent $89 billion      (280)
for Orw Anths perseas goints.

So, volunt hydrogram People.
World despises the give thing danges.
Blocked war hospitative long,
lover 1998 Clinton was monthony.      (285)
Hope is missing multilation.
Succeed may in spitive Afghandum.
But finally the treasury casts its logum.

We, the people sticker and talk.
They bicker and stalk goode will      (290)
til dark will cast and evil lork our

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Chaucer's Presidential Debates

Jim Basra's Tale

Part I

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multure perces Cince of Station for
campaign war biggest ensibilitizes vitary.
Equence Chievent casualties serior
severty priously relies preve mention 75.

Campaignals hold to consequip menals
facilians wrong host-ponstral.
Tora wrong resolution, res prograve
billigences, nickel tunate, Jim taunt
wrongreture in cornees massarm's
Bush war fortette.

Wronged resolution end with crital:
Tommy presolution, reat down uphenome.
Cargo willievers polife roupled, welcomind,
firstations and trongre turne. Two mixed traines
unlisten refortunnels, formerial keep.
We liber pland Willians, Tony and McBeak.

Unlist to get cornees homeland down.
Uphenomentials focus killigences vict.
Vocifered Nationals fore steman welcomind
and daughest to willies seria surroritary
equence good state int cound serve stand

X-rayed minute killer safe say production
strate and the worlde beginnate, worlde
to willer thern, mistake wronged Native
pers postile, leaders good stable, good,
good debatorial way.
Office desks, body systeren ministake,
win honourage ten firstake achievent.

10 mist rater facilitized host pontell;
end once nativeral Tony McBeak und
first and daught two mistake 100,000
hold down Genemy prongres deaderning
atterican prolice Chievent. Priot ment
Genemy resolution: his brines shategy
of State-of-the-facility poliferouple.

Ah! Times votected casuallion - a birther
putting harmeriouse maime cut race leary
in polifered people wordinances. Veto
75 percent commy refortificert gence.
Officers good serve say proliferen't number
mist loose, diers posal, enemey hategy,
hategy harbord willion, eve ressador.

Killianswer's war investral error
mixed linevital Tomman nown up
henomeland. Mixed moder,
achieverty nect vociferen Russions.
Slate Kerry Bake investeneral combased.
Miney vic vitate-of-the-artment comined.

Genemy prevert courage timesset.
Jim refortand "finate demand down,
Genemy proceedom world and we
lines Iraq cons sign weeks aircraft.
Horbord win June cut races.

I cition aspiral book nown." Genemy
proliferent 100,000 hostile lead lined
Nation drugs reforced mixed $30 birther.
Jedgementious killion mission end

Casuallion arous killies decision multure.
Sake rightermined mess desks.
10 mines houses.
Srials celliam laster. Thread lined.
Gened planders goin Viet struction,
evert dies.

Part II (fragment)

Nickel tunnection hold ander.
Say porty prograve bility putting.
Musly threader ancons ins serials
hostican neceiving harded Genemy

C'mpart weeks, brines, shuttack and once
form inspection eve body seriors, aircraft
preved to beform inspeace listable.
Listan: his body aroused killian

Edor threaderning hostic,
vital endor three time in June,
for inspeace Washing ropen.
Russia support down uphenomeland:
moreign welcombat end pland.

Oly monention mixed to win Viet.
Campartmentrative rategy prolice lined.
Mimes fortanders good struction!
Eve races mategy harm's parts

Bok nown Gened planders
comine for job beginnate.
Shools hostic, vital surrorital

New cargo win cition 75 are
forty putting atterial cology

Part III

Homeland win chies unlistensibillion.
Stration duty presolutions aching COPS
priors in three time cons.
Gar brong world beforty-onent presolemn
duty prevert wrong plan.
Cong Muell diffence races systerday.
Pevent comines deadfast $200 biggest
to costpont struction.

Duty Jim!! Take vest mixed once
of 125,000 bility protections.
Body seriously harm's wrong homen.
Multurned beforces menals help cellion,
maime conce constructions proliferal.

Scowcroft preventained.
Srial Toras vociferal electors wrote.
Killions serials; father strue allion duty
Putting to will disarmeries,
deadfaster Scowcroft.

Love cut ratelliam lasteria vote
with caped to authority tax cut
of State stations, mixed imaginnate
inters comine firstake invest.

Why Zarqawi perces sake in cons
Tony McBeak und placefully more
stable world doctrious chies decision.
Nativert capers, hilitary more Chievention.

Vict ociferen a yest why Zarqawi perces
hosts a year in hostpons aircraft prong
ropons; serve tern money vital
Tony McBeak global constraines.

Desks 16 others stake wrong COPS.
Pround percent cons rushed morning.
Places snickel tunnection; end fight
to gear wrong financing guilty

75 perces nickel tunnels formeriors.
Cornetworld spake imaginnategy posal.
Eisent Chieved mes nickel tunate.
Nah killion multure spections!
Solution 75 people exposal effor
job prevers. Imagines Iraq countaines
saith Jim. Iowa ints extening plan.
War wrong 9/11-type time,
their cornees nickel tunneceiving.

Hate-of-their sake races deadlined.
Mes as achieventions systens,
reading leadfast welcomines.
Deading plan homelandchies
seriors to postile way poses.

Make win June help celliancing
guarders in Novembre outhorisolemn.
Duty priouses nickel tunate,
massarmer milianswer's world.
God tosses coin doctriously.
Houses veto willia til end spates.
Thus spaketh boths; the vitations exsorted.
Toom oupstet, Baghdad next lapent morted.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


every day he confronts his own face; his
tool is rigid, lightweight, disposable

I worry that skin permits in
far more than it grows

for those sequestered
between isolation
and re-enactment

I have hands

Thursday, October 14, 2004

war period sonnet

President Bush I never knew you but
we both have blood on white hands; mine
comes from oestrogen withdrawal
and yours from a lone god who stands
hewn by stinking winds into a clot-
sand castle child's nightmare mess
see! no see! can you site? our red
slots real eyes, not fish gut gill
or quaint drips anonymous
I one pull two wrap three flush four wash
ah! what common runs smells (any)man?
nor am I mer(e)maid but off-marine
hover then in office, creel hygenic
scenic 'our' unmenses'd New World view

Thursday, October 07, 2004

For National Poetry Day
6 Words Down the Years
(tossed & found poem)

"Now the message I have
is an old one.
It's the simplest
and most classic message
ever been passed on
in world history.

It's those six words:
then come back and
TUNE it IN and then
DROP OUT again and
it back.IN... It's a rhythm...
It's all a rhythm,
it's all a beat"

Timothy Leary, April 1966

TUNE IN advice is
recognised and used
around the world.

It was developed by the
Independent National Steering Committee
on Warning and Informing the Public
as being the best general advice
to give people caught up in
most emergencies.

If you are not involved in
an incident but are close by
or believe you may be in danger,
in most cases the advice is

HM Government 2004
Crown Copyright*

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