Friday, January 23, 2009


I dowse you/r remains the: strained shinskin-
peel fevoured dirt-devoured by kneeling
it a: pray-deceit rousing repetitaceiving
we: keel into a microgourd eyepick
desert resort mangering a last-
marvel y/our escape kiss
wet-slick grabbered
where the material
world speaks as
not auto-
fallen how I: make
a stand for that how I: my
alters fathom then myself grovel how: I
sniff for y/our zangbetossed stainstink
feather a fraenulum link a last
friend risk brink run a
ladder spin a stab
fantasy sink and
my teeth into
it and piss
and shit
a treasure and
handstand like a
lovepitch a bleeding angle a
desperate shot a clavvering to-
gether a gathering of hots a tre-
moured a whisperfest a blink orgy
a faithful request flags into
touch-grave crevices
think of me when
you die, rise
egungun of
my abide
my ridelash
my nonhurry
my scrape-very
my cry-adult child mongrel

my prepuce task apartheid slayer
cherry-underided-like pit-stain hard
and bit ripe for
the asking

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