Friday, July 23, 2004


and so there are too many particles of one phase
not absorbed into a different bulk phase
by my mind of you not penetrating a
surface which surface
of you not here but else

a time dependant behavior of adsorption depending on, temperature, porosity,
and thickness of the crumbs left
by an earlier phase, that of
cutting a loaf

which took a minimum amount of energy
that was to be accommodated to a
system in order to start a process
mostly for eat reasons
and not reasonables

with no adhesion of the there or the
here nor any mechanical bonding (strength)
of one material person
to another

which is accorded the title 'adsorbate'
the concentrated on a surface
this one the kitchen work

to me its effects making me feel like
I should be the adsorbent where
a different rate
where a differ/ent
concentrated isn't

so no adsorption
no enrichment
no agglomeration
no particles (no 'on a surface')
no interface

so you, go on then  advance contact angle
dynamic contact angle, which is measured:
a) by dipping in a solid geometry into a liquid from the wetting force,
due to the memory method
b) by expanding the volume of a sessile drop on
a horizontal belly surface or a jellying tit
c) at the forefront of a just rolling droplet on
an inclined surfacein order
to determine the dewetting properties
of a solid relationship

aerosolling tonight, a colloidal dispersion
of semisolid or liquid particles in a gas
the starch spray for
your shirts

so it follows agglomerated
spatial particle collection
chemically or mechanically not bonded
but fucking annoyingly

aggravatedspatial collection particles
aggregates are distinguished from agglomerates
by increased difficulty in

increased difficulty in separation
that's increased difficulty in separation

amphipathic (amphiphilic) denotes a
olecule combining hydrophilic
and lipophilic(hydrophobic)
it straight
get it

straight base diameter a dropdiameter
a drop
a drop at the generally circular area of contact (interface)
to the wetted material
for axissymmetric drops also the distance between
the left and the right three
phase point

the base line is the (orthogonal) projection line
of the area of contact between the sessile drop
and the solid bilayer bimolecular film
the thin we put upon it

bipolar me
with a surface
character that can act as an donor
as well as an acceptor
and properly there should be electron in there
but it is never like that, scientific

bubble pressure method
for the determination of dynamic surface(s) tensions
of a fuck you by measuring the maximum pressure
the tip of your capillary
in the liquid of interest
and there should also be a bubble in there
but see this is serious now and not science

calorimeter - a device to measure heat
(capillary)(very fine) but not fine at all
most extended
most cavity
particularly used

simply pressure
simply pressure
the normal stress developed on the phase boundaries
curved objects
which correlate with the principal radii
of curvature R1 and R2 and the surface
or interfacial tension of the liquid phase
gL : Dp = gL (1/R1+1/R2)
and the pressure
which is not always so
which is not always so simple

capillary forces denote the kind which arise
from surface tension effects in capillaries
narrow crevices and pores
the kinds left over by your
caked on

catalyst will be that substance
which will increase
or decrease the speed
of our chemical reaction
and which will remain unchanged
after the chemical reaction has died
days on and the shirts folded/put/away
the nails still bearing forensic evidence of
and that love that was scratched off leaving

streaks chemisorption
chemisorption: characterized by a chemical reaction
between two concentrated people and their
(happened to be free) enriched surfaces

circle fit see also height/width method
simple method to derive the contact angle
from the fact we are an item
the height/width ratio drop
of that into the social structure
or bubble contour assuming a circular shape
assumption or by more precise analysis methods
which are preferred (e.g. fit) when the contacts
may wanna say fuck them then but don't
no, won't, although jealous

cluster around the table
spatial collections (sub units)
which possess a particular degree of order
or state of symmetry and being in exchange equilibrium
with the environment cluster for liquids and show an
increased rate if fluctuations of mood particulalrly
where alcohol the sub units on their surface
innuendoes (co[n]-adsorption)
which describe the simultaneous
adsorption of two or more different
particle-persons on a surface
a purely surface way of appearing

but then what of the coagulation?
do they have this in their homes?
the clotting. process of converting
a finally divided or colloidally dispersed suspension
of one substance in a liquid into larger-size particles
which settle or precipitate under the influence of gravity,
also described as the transition of a sol
into a gel under flocculation
again when mean when
only half meant

no damn cohesion
the intermolecular attraction
between separate homogeneous phases

colloids then
states consisting of extremely fine dispersed persons
possessing diameters in one dimension
in the range of 1 up to 1000 nm;
(see also nanoparticles)
but then you're not looking for it
as you so often say
so that's why it

colloid chemistry branch
within the physical chemistry
concerning the colloidal state of matter
the compressibility applied under
isotropic pressure
to get it right

requring concentration
the number of particles (e.g. in g or in mole)
per volume of a person's substance
or their means
or their fierce
but although you're not looking for
you get it

condensation specifically fluidification
under the collar
generally not phasic
not transitional
but can feel permanent
and then why was it ever enough
that bread crumbs got attention when it was
God needed in the middle of the night?

God contact
angle which encloses
the tangent line on the drop shape
from the three-phase point to the base line
on the solid Trinity surface
the contact angle
a measure wettability
with a different
the difference
between the advancing
and receding contact angle

critical concentration
a characteristic concentration
a surfactant solution, at which the surface
active agents
agglomerates standing
a kinetic equilibrium with the remaining single
I'm that remaining single
slopes several physical
as a function of changes
in values, particularly the post-divorce
interfacial tension show an inflexion point
a critical

critical surface tension
the surface tension above which
all the above of which cannot be completely wet
a solid, see
a plot
describing the opposite
process to an adsorption
that means the removal of aggregateds

but this is not a simple case today
of detergent
of synthetic
of washing auxiliary
of surface active agent
of to remove dirt
of to remove chemical contaminations
from surfaces (mostly from textiles) but
of medication(s)

concentration dependant migration
ions, mainly caused by random thermal movement
diffusion coefficient
rates of diffusion
depending on the pill size
viscosity and temperature rises

positive and negative distributions
yes, them

dipole-dipole interactions
attraction and repulsion
and dipole momentum
vector quantities assigned tos

dispersive contributions
contributions assigned to clean surfaces
or bread crumbs
or stuff beneath
the fingernails
on bad days

dispersive interaction
intermolecular attractions
between induced (non-permanent) dipoles
and their dispersion
their distribution
their drop base
their base diameter
their drop shape optical
their contour (projection)
their inherent volume under certain conditions
arising from the axis symmetry
calculated just from
having left you

the drop volume method
the fuck you method
to determine the
tension as a function
of the dosing drop age

the static ring
is dived into and a liquid
and removed from
and the liquid
the maximum force
to push or pull the arising lamella
out of the measured
the method frequently used
to measure the critical

dynamic contact angle
advancing and receding contact angle(s)
liquid fronts on a solid position
namely that of using
the house to

dynamic interfacial tension
interfacial tension
apart (complete)
apart (equilibrium)

dynamic surface tension
which may make me attractive
to others but I must surface
I must (complete)
I must stop
now, get out

method to determine advancing and receding
receding contact angle
of prismatic or cylindrical
samples with a known geometry
(which must be people)
by pushing and pulling

elasticity property
to change under an applied force
and return to the original cleaning

ellipse fit approximated
by assuming
mainly emulsion
dispersion of two
not completely miscible
for example water

the inner true

the entropy quantity
to describe the degree of disorder
the degree of repetiton
the degree of mobility
the degree of a physical
the degree of a freedom

equilibrium latin: balance

expansion and how to get
out from here
how to increase
by elevating the eventual
by the depends
and the starting to

the mine/yours expansions factors
closely correlated following
approximate relations

film then
a mere filler
added to another
rubber to
increase or decrease the price
of the product

flocculation creation
flocs in a production by addition of agents
or by changing the physical conditions
of such flocculation capable systems
commonly denoting the networking
of singles

randoms in the constituents of
such as Sleepless in Seattle

fluctuation rate timely
or occurring
or induced

or disperse
gelatin coated
simple optical contact
manual analysis through eyes

heat of adsorption
heat evolved during the mostlies
the height/width method analysis
or the calculation of contact

heterogeneity –non
uniformity – non

high speed camera angles
elevated image acquisitions
typically starting
with several
of images/sec
particularly used in surface shit
to characterize fast

homogeneity enotes uniformity
used for one sub-structure
of the same kind
and this could be more of the same shit
or else

hydration pressure
the repulsion pressure
hydrated substances
due to the orientation
which repel mutually so

an important form of partial valency
occurring between covalently bounded
and the lone pair
of an another

water freindly
consisting of group(s)


water repellant
consisting of group(s)

just us then
no hydropic agent
for what the hell is
contact angle hysteresis

interaction between
general meaning
narrower meaning

interfacial nalysis
determination of the
active agent
and the crumbs
which just sit there
and have long lost told their story

important parameter
the characterization of boundaries
the denotes
the amount of work necessary
to form a new piece of interface between two

joule is
the amount of necessary
to move the origin of force
for the direction of the force
for unit of work

lamella concave
lamella convex
curved liquid column (meniscus)
formed on the whole perimeter of a body
during insertion to or retraction of that body
from the surrounding
laminar flow

non-turbulent (irrotational)
lamella method
more viscous

from the curved shape
of the occurring lamella
frequently used for hot melt
alo at higher scream rates

scattering visible light
e.g. by colloidal dispersed particles in a solution
could be identified by turbidity
and opalescence just by
visual inspection

liquid lamella
a lipophilic
non-polar organic
and fatty on off days

macroemulsion macromolecule
which is characterized
numerous repetitions
mostly concatenated
networked covalent
monomers already as large
as addition

do not change the significant

maximum pressurethe
internal pressure
pmax created
achieved when the bubble
an almost
semi-spherical shape
with the radius rB = rK
(rK - semi-spherical radius)

i this case
the surrounding can be calculated
by gLV = Dpmax/(2 rB)

an oriented
often active
formsn a solution

the hydrophilic or lipophilic (hydrophobic) parts
of the orients
according to their favorite interactions
critical concentration
denotes the formation process

of the same size

monolayer scrubbed is
clean back to what's important
of more than one
on a mostly solid

ultra-fine dispersed
solid possessing a high specific
mainly determined by
the preparation
and the properties investigated
by the nanotechnology

the non-polar contributions
dispersive contributions

through a membrane
from a higher source

in both

to reduce corrosion

pendant precise
and absolute method
from the tip of your penis
is calculated
by evaluating
the drop shape accordingly

entering process
capability to let pass phase
closed region
without discontinuous density

phase boundary
or multiple connected
boundary of one phase versus other phases

phase diagram
regions and boundaries of existence
for different phases - as states of aggregation
belonging to a given in dependence

physical adsorption

polar contributions
polar interactions
intermolecular attraction
involving permanent electrical
(permanent - permanent, induced - permanent), but
also notice that although
appearance of bread doesn't get in

a momentous
bond caused by different electronegativity
polydispersed particles in a dispersion of different size
opposite of monodispersed

pore sizes
powder contact
angle method

reverse osmosis
and the membrane drives
the separation eg lets the dirt be

receding dynamic
which is measured
a) by pulling out
b) by soaking in a sessile drop
c) at the rear front of a just rolling droplet

sediment that has settled
during a time dependant process

depending on the time
single fibre

matrix when even microscopic sub-volumina
still possess equal composition
so the house doesn' have it
can give the spinning back
spinning to determine

the interfacial tension
a prolate shape
by the relation: gL ~ D3
spreading tability
the durability
the surrounding phase
between arms
and giving me
your teets to suckle

show adsorption
show active agents
investigation of a surface in order
to determine the specific physical
and chemical properties
of surface chemistry

science concerned with the formation
the chemical structure
and changes
as well
as the physical behavior
of surfaces and interfaces
surface concentration
of an adsorbéd

surface free energy
the total
considerations into dispersive contributions
thin layers with distinct layers
in comparison to the bulk
surface porosity
the topography
in terms of open or closed pores

is equivalent to the work necessary
to create a new piece

suspension of disbelief
tangent method
in the vicinity of that point
measuring the interfacial
or the modern
also performance easurements
and more
and more complex
and more complex tasks

three phase t(T)rinity
rheological quantity
progress according to which
any of the modifications
the phenomenon of the adherents
denote the ability to spread

geometrical known plate
to perform the known
work of adhesion

being in contact
to each other
amount of reality
cohesion processes

and the contact

may include phone
the derivation of the surface
or interfacial tension
and the phone contact
the regular phone contact

relation between the occurring
on curved objects
(like drops,
and the principal radii of curvature R1 und R2
of the geometrical objects as well as the surface
or interfacial tension on the phase boundaries

graphical representation
to determine the critical surface tension
of a solid fact
the free
according to the abscissa

of the used test liquids
the ordinate (y-axis)
carries in contrast the cosine
of the measured contact angle
he specific value on the abscissa
on which spreading of a droplet on
a solid surface occurs she the first time

is called critical surface tension

so she went and
so there are

Saturday, July 17, 2004

revealing sources 
(a) to obtain and provide information
which is brilliant for making tired skin
look really fresh and alive
relate to the actions
or intentions of really simple, pure persons
and eat healthy food
and drink tons of water
to perform that you are what you (b)  
- to perform other tasks relating
to the actions or intentions of such
never go anywhere without
Dior Maximeyes mascara
and Dior Addict perfume 
- other beauty essentials are:
Shu Uemura cleanser
and the Never a Dull Moment persons exfoliator
from Origins
[in relation to] the interests of national security
with particular reference to defence
trade secrets and foreign policies
economic well-being
or in support of the prevention
or detection of serious crime
the old school smoky eyes
are always a winner 
One 'secret' potion is a Performance Related
South American face oil called Rose Moscketa. It's
wonderful because it can be used
as a night cream but it's also brilliant on
cuts and bruises
and  is now in force outside
the British Islands 

Thursday, July 01, 2004

it takes a time
to clean up

today Saddam is being handed
I must hoover the floor it's on
in the background not keeping the dogs
tomorrow may be filthy again

I have womb no money
in my back pocket no back
pocket a peripatetical worry

that most things
work only by
at some how decided point          will die

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