Saturday, February 28, 2009


the freedream comes down not
quite as nightdeal as dawn
sprooling its beleaguering: we
shall see cool white up this
spraxious and I: we
shall suffer dints
in the flinted
mommycries, electro-
magneticcreep thromboses, the
lesser palliative gutscorch minor
cornerspit sputter all the more
the wrentchful mutters the
major catch ears do
hear: we
feral the too soon promised
dawn corpse gathering
clouds refuse legalities
all’s as straightforward: a
necessary talisman spliced
between boards goatman ghost hangs
shoulder-out the bedroom’s
potplace cold’s off heat’s
buffering a fume from
the thigh-bellows
mercy hides
in its own cause wrapper
calipercure litters the walls and a
calligraphied belligerence dryblood
unsweet pigmeated clues
across ceilingwarps
a birdshort a quick
fault wrangled
tweetsnort an’
eight’s here
fraught fathomed with
the usual expected effort: I
turn to hay to straw clasp-halters: I
morph pretends to futures to
in stones to roadgang to
faux-ought brood we charade
in stones to roadgang to
orders from the thwartéds raise a leg
the cast is .......................................out
for a cool alter

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Saturday, February 07, 2009


I: do not inhabit nor ponder
do I the lickphyte
space but pour
you/r slick over
you a mucogeny in its effing
it sprawls a find it slews it savvers
y/our glink spew mother-of-pearl, a
sheen protistered roo-raw, its
pull positioning squestering
I: take from my suffer
bank maybe thus
score, blather in
the past
y/our sit suddenly
upon our undernail-
resuscitates, moon slits, scalp
grease-agreements, poor
managed morning
harbingers spit-
exchanges all
by y/our sloop daub stumble the
thigh gleen were a clusp baby
were my chit dither were
also my recover posture
metrotidal and true
and treasure pus
and tradeable
and plus and
y/our puckered ruff
a quotidian hallow I: forth
in staking it thus n no wander
but sprool the reason
gather from under y/our
skirt sprawl garner n
stagger n finger
for it along
its only n no other

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