Friday, December 31, 2004

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-.-- . ... / .. - .----. ... / -- .. ... .--. .-.. .- -.-. . -.. /

... .- -- .

... . -. - .. -- . -. - .- .-.. .. - -.-- / ... .- -- .

--. ..- .. .-.. - / .--. .- -.-- / ..- -. ... .. .-.. - . -..

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

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.- -. -.. / .... . .-. . / ..-. .- .-. / ..-. .- .-. / - --- ---

 ... .- ..-. . / .-- .. - .... --- ..- - / .-- --- .-. -.. ... /

                              . ...- . -. / - ---

            .-. . -.. . ..-. .. -. . / -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. -

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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.- -. -.. / .-- .... .- - / .. ..-. / .-- . / ... .... --- ..- .-.. -..

.--- --- .. -. / -.. --- - ... / .-- .... .. -.-. .... / -- .- ... --.- ..- . .-. .- -.. . / .- ...

... .--. .- -.-. . / ..- -. - .. .-.. / .-- . / - .-. -.-- ..--..

Sunday, December 19, 2004

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- .... . / .-.. --- -. --. / .- -. -.. / ... .... --- .-. - / --- ..-.

.. - / .. ... / .- .-.. .-.. / - .... .. -. --. ... / -. --- - / -... . .. -. --.

. --.- ..- .- .-.. --..-- / ... .. --. .... ... / -- .- - - . .-.

Monday, December 06, 2004

eschatos I (Advent)

Relevant a circumambulation sign merits hyperbolic coordination
associal that this will cosmic evention for devotees. The Levant for pure isomorphism is equally karmic and practiculates each verning carcity to somorphises. Thus is created a spiritual revival which time can not yet know. The physically between involves circumambulating between times of two mountains. Their (for they are a they now) escape govery is of a supportance. His face a sign mere thin after certain origious staterals. Would become a black stone but the sign is now a merelight which watches inition, its focus-lociation another semission on some other other-plane.

She ints whereby needy or of liginate and of him unsupporting onto make the scarcity something about the springs and about of "the pilgrim prepares to" but has no comforts, rides, is walking, is sometimes in number seven parting walking between even parting. Their caravan origious movides curvery karmic supportices. Aboveryone an isomorphis will. With his own skin he secretly forms a sign co-ording caity to the eyes' practic spheres; not pulse scarving lengths to own but to make time the semission along between plane evells and general arrival corresentions. Sand on.

Sand on and a sign measgined to sing the cosmic stupa practice reflectised in its own reprehensionals. On and on the evelocating on a planess, a stupa planess, a stupa generting compled another-wills round and round when they lost their way. Supporting rainteractice againts karmic meritually they dowse. On and on they dowse. Non-arbitrainess sphers the sected on one of the x-y practices. These will become the world's practices. The world view. A circulates this Levant which is associal. Ligins the focus-locity so that her velocus special hyperty propes. And still she sands. This a context whose discovery is their semi-minitial relevant affiliteres. And within and between circulation practices impletes somebody. This anybody forms a site. This a somebody withstands the co-ording charactice. This a geometrice whose arrival a time completes uneasined and original unreflected her womb journey. Uneasured.

So two. Their initial practices site lengthstand under a hyperbolic merelight. These two levery their own isomorphism: the sometices leariety where light variety to sign mimes a cosmos mirrored in our hyperty practices. A practice abovered and another verges a stand. Orties a comply. Non-arbitrary is their own assumption between associal religion variety forms and this - a sign merevant. As she looks back there are no followers but her association is properbolic. He walks her stupa-gaze within the night sky, properting a sign meritually on which he can rely and on which the world must come to rely or not.

Which unknown can she know? The non-argumenting that this that is. A significant non-arbitrary he. He is who is with origin of the grammar of the pure intext which is profferseed but not exacted. He is who is willing her miment of water. She ran frantical demands so the next great movement will go - circumambulating a seven parting, the feet of home and even she ran out a spiritual revival physical demand will be her as heroine of this story. When she ran frantical demands thus to useful fashions became her cosmic reflected signs. Greet the events say the sages, their apprehension to make time cosmic. They the follower scribes to measure generactices at their isomorphises. Theirs the sacred literature to apprehensions between two planes become apprehensions between any two. They are two. They meander the sand. They two.

A karmic specialistere entates; leads cosmic practices at the co-ording. The sand travelled over spisses and the co-ording goes on between practicing a sign merely to no reply and a sign that is that which shows this of the great a timeticed. But lengthy. And going on. And a long travel time. Thus to a timeticulation inherely practices a two. Two make timents karmic and inhered. Two are leading the origin or the each ray on and their exploits are not of anything arctic but of an opposite. Hot so the story goes and the signs are that the story goes on to become and the become becomes icon.

Learieties between practices become litervals appresent. When she commands of the came upon, the family also brought revival pilgrim-prepareds and they become to sacrifice the in, the two mountains sort. They bring the after where he left his wife and after seven circumambulatings he left. Between centuries but after seven partings and came upon the command not to leave but by such attempts not wealth but the barren desert to mind. Walking the barren desert to home. Associatialists karmic become sphered. Home is full. There are semmits appresponding to the time countexted. There are others home. Others walking. This not about everyone walking but their walking. They importic back along on a sign for coording a symbol to make timetices devotees. Whence a sign forms scoperting of events and up to that the plausibiliation of that affiliation in the verges bubbling springs but of the spirit only notof the water or of the waters but a conterely sign.

The eve-locus locations indice what rite emits reprehensions? There perhaps semi-minor somebody for of the points she with thisms appresponds. She owns to sign. Her sign-miments thence to relation leadination: strong, watchful of the counterctices where no ligious arrivals sign. He takes her. She will gaze eventually upon us and entice us and there will be no how to s.

Yet, yet how to merit the discovery of the cosmic indices? A hip curve origiouses the her caity in the photo world, then the exploit emission is a plane, is the repress karmic unsupporting, the market on between praction of unkarmic spations and monetaries. She thereby assumentates their unaquallies. She actuates indices yet to come. Thus these aquallies become non-arbitrary from the two mountains of home and brings to command such attempts. She runs out of water, she runs out of a sense of home and infant duty barren mind how infant son alone how infant bubbling the infant two mountains of duty as the two mountains circumambulating. Circumambulating she does not do. He does not but leads. She must be non-dubious of the co-ording the of starry leading.

The starry is of strong carving which was once of stone and now flesh will. The event affiliation is of strong and as yet there are no underlines. Nothing is a line drawn yet. The appresentates obtain devotees who shall cling to what is not a line drawn under. Theirs for times will be scores kept.

But for some body is the obtaints karmic. Scientists who do not predict. Astrologers do what scientists try to prove. The geomebody is for somorphism as the future is on the future plane. The experts' compleds and they statisc. There to come a time between time and the barren to comply even parting. The physical demand she came upon the spring in her womb. Time chares for a somebody, for a somebody forms (that the points dwelt in), general theories for which will become the support for karmic practices where respondeds necessary. The adminition from the associatial followers will paint her bisected. Til then north a sign but merely to go on to go on shows.

Then for sacred to make this a general cosmic hers. Isomorphis wrap with mere speciating rained in of a curve orthogonal the prope which is a sign pattern for the sacred. What the sacred will be needed in the future the vast future to represent. The supporting one of the x-y propes she runs frantical. The target audience demands even parting at the inn. Thus is created a sense of attempts circumambulating between the barren desert to comforts of the barren duty and a domesticity stupid and a domesticity wanted and a domesticity sentimental. The compled origins are an undegeneracy, their assumptions in her womb grown. This not painted nor iconised. Never her pain iconised.

An indination between planes with the hyper, very dubious; a moving dubious appresponded. The desert train just him and her. And up to signification between practice related obtaints are an him and her sentiment. Becomes a family sentiment. That would remain karmic speciations even whenever translated. And there is no way to translate the projected.

An isometry but not dubious.
both of this will constray
Is that her someone of a curve origin? Where in the flat unstarry plane is her star or his? Where is initioned or faithed? The axis will sument, will co-ord.


all from stars to silence
all govern this Will
all contervale
all relign

Acquaintext, forms, appresentations and uneasures which is is carrying already. The certainty above her and within her not pulsed. Shared is The Will countered by cosmic goatherds and speciation.

Bring from the feet of dust, as the feet of duty, as the physical demands of duty, as the barren desert to comforts bubbling between the infant son alone circumambulating at the springs, bring to mind such attempts she pains. From womb pain to rock to black stone specifics.

The practice. The census practice. The aboverning rite to the sphered to go home to the origin in general, its obtaineracy acquaintered, encountered. All encounter with them by following this family without reprehensions the exact location between proving the cosmos sphere and its somorphic spational locus-locus. No ritualistic kneeling standing but only womb pain. So out from her eyes ascribes properties a curve of the Orient cont-
useful fashion of stands
of general theories
of initial causes
a curve origin and of the arrivals in the events karmic
indices Persian

aboversected original
hyperticulations isomorphised with a cosmos of strong
of Evelocus of straight stupa length states appresended
leading to make time cosmos to make tracks in the sand

spating the x-y practice
a significating The Time
the cosmos stanted anointed with whered's Origin
the time cosmos must lie
the origin of arrivals is someone coordinated uneasing
the origin great
that bearly
is focus
that blacks stones out

a song one that a sign merits of the Contre Light "Ray of event, no relevant association which could be propertial."
uneasing the polluting of locations between two levels
relational - all importing a circumambulational of the sinerial

obtained will with the Assumption
a curve raints the levels
a similar
each ray of the emission

practice relights the equaints to

comforts walking seven parting walking between even parting of water
she births not circumambulating not seven not parting not of home but
a physical demand. When she demands When she commands of the family also pilgrims shall to sacrifice circumambulating to come upon the command as such attempts wealth the barren desert to mind walking the barren desert to bind flesh upon spirit to kiss to kneel to palm to knee to earth to stone to spring

no carcity
owning this uneasing of the planess spheres semissions
varing the origious back womb pains
verning 3 coordinations karmic coordinates within great Kings
affilitersected back devotees withstanding their astrology

this a conter-arbitrary isomorphis with eventual merrytias
own to make the ritually
two levels focus starry starry dubious
both events
associal –

screams silence because not reported not storied
correspondents karmic stray of the murderers
no reflected origious for the relevelocus-locus planes
lengths of origin to make time cosmos
they must have the event clearly staked out in scripture

thus she came upon the springs even parting at inn created a sense of attempts circumambulating between the barren desert to comforts of the duty brings from the feet of dust, as the feet of duty, as the physical demands of duty non-arbitrary dubious karmic special bisected signs icons which so silent they magnetise

for each raints karmic of a sign
with this for the pure
"ray of arrives, non-arbitrary, is someone, is someone on the practiculation between the varying of stupas leading the rites rely plausibility to be cosmos and" this to mean no fixed ritual
necessary now

points relate
uneasined importing their somebody for his axis
so where the model for a father was
his own to the little represents
to make two leading on that a sign
not yet of a curve on the ascribes locus

of their planeless spations and passages
with shows
not a sing
but silent into that night

he does not lead but follows
of a starry acquaintext implied night
sharacticulations will his coordinates
his uneasing cosmic conteractices supporting her own
to sounter

devotees non of them but reprehensions of the eventated
somebody for this on between plane watches
within resides The Will
and of the plane meanderings

the plane watches from beneath them
to guide their feet
arrival is
be coupled nothing and nowhere to call home
of the watches

icons of shepherds standing for everyone
cosmic not the originate uneasiness starry dubious
coordinates devotees sheep uneasing of every of a cosmic

realigns to make that the Light
cleading of its leadinates out of the darkness
karmic sphere ascribes and general cosmos

it dwells conter-arbitrary
stupa plane will imports againts karmic practices
sites become cosmic special centres

and stapled into the earth at a spot
not semi-variety associal or semi-practices or variations
or very dubious at practices light
but silent
and staple

staple silent

the light which became for everyone
silent silent night

Friday, December 03, 2004


this is a crivenning gutslep
how he scrivinns the dadchild myld

her. Thence to untrapolarising: cut
scalpooze from her heart, uncorrecauled. How

her was ever husband, his dread mean,
his orchestraighting
allings however

did done her
fallow now only subsumed (some)days to
count scabs – donates sacri-

ficials my daughter mantra fuckyou! dad go
control else some(body) else

from her any God cherved, scruntised
to a babbled
                      I don't say grace

Come, girl
let's counter-parry gypsy curls
chant fuckyou!s and from

take days, seed, reputation, growth,
it's okay to condemn, tomorrow'll
birth comparison. I

shall receive my looks
in you Fine Child Of My Hips his

was only a piddled tadpole smaller
thanna pinhead, loathe

hush; blenkering a dusk prets
and gentics sivasilk, my eggs loti

no beg go I kneedown
positioning palms which
bathed                    you
                                      you skin angel
                                                         you so unso-so pritty

drusher hope's undeceptivity

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