Thursday, May 27, 2004


but run and fast
as if the beating stick were a spigot
in your hand

as if you understood
the sea could both froth and spew
and wind thus conspire with moon to command

heaven knows what true course
because of course we do not steer
by weed any more nor

does the steersman dangle hand
over the

we know not cold from warm
currents run amok
en masse we are stuck

to an old formula
our best an ancient
crepuscular creeping

we weep
     bleed, at best throw
green, resistant, grows wherever seed to

weed can
red behind closed mind
until blood does

not free, clots to the anger curve
the numbers a bomb calculus
an ugly eventual unsolvable bombs-equation

a spluttering
but run and fast
so that the falling guts don’t getcha

oh sad for the old steerage ways
tears for the blasted concrete ways
oh that the water running through your fingers is

a spear hole abomination
run and fast the film forward                       so
that you may creel the cicatrices


Tuesday, May 25, 2004


then let 's try water then
something gibbery
some don’t mind if I do then

soft float-boat nights
feathery entice g-string
shemale vice sweet sweet sweetmeat-meet deep throat nothings

but it’s the hard that has it
the board floor hard
the bursitic groaned gnosis

not in the details
     in brunneous coagged flaps
     in photos from does God djinnleap unto His


Monday, May 24, 2004


Findings from a new study indicate that obese women
employ a termined one,
and a basic desire
to issue.

Presumably, at increased risk for having
their mammograms read as abnormal when,
in fact, everything is okay, is a basic desire to be transparent.

To have women who are at higher risk
for breast cancer model context
and tend to be diagnosed
at later stages of disease,     even

if mean, is to attempt to be quite old-fashioned; one
forever inasmuch as ordinary,
    misread as normal.

Prototypical vocabulary is unwarranted faith.
In medical parlance, this is known as a "false positive" result.

The false-determs are as ordinary as meaning refuted.
A default, or prototypical cognitive model allows
anxiety among patients

claims that tie
dependent-fields inevitably.

This view is quite and one; the psychological
resides in "the philosopher's logist/cognitive linguistics,”
resulting in higher costs and greater
false-positive rates.

To avoid limitation, the concepts, patently false, are placed
at a population level,

But what results play
is not clear.

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Some sunny spells:

through a day show lawmakers differing over weather but there could be some new batch of cloud, more over parts of the east, which would further inflame international passions.

Others argue.

The openness of American society or the best of any sunny spells may cause damage by a gradual leaking of photos towards the west and southwest.


but some said they feared releasing photos; remaining cooler was an option but some were much worse than ones already made public.

Cloud sticks.

High pressure keeps soldiers having sex with many parts dry and varying cloud and sunny spells. Thicker high pressure will be giving several times over what's in the public domain.

A mostly dry, rapid slide show

on a screen in a classified hearing room saw cruel, sadistic torture
with most parts seeing sunny spells or longer periods of male prisoners masturbating.


More especially across a weak front pushed a man hitting himself against a wall as though to knock himself unconscious


Should a decision release up? Administration can sometimes create conditions for pollutants to stay in your area and limit media outlets significantly worse than anything anticipated

…which is

to take the worst risk of respiratory problems and multiply them. The US administration can then be increased by sudden changes in weather or extreme temperatures.

Senators said

"Anything like this is shocking ... but it's generally the same as stagnation, no huge surprises." The photographs were presented as defense officials were present, but did not answer questions about pollution, apparently fearing they might interfere with any prosecutions.


out how the weather conditions in your area fear,” one said, adding that he saw people in body bags and a person with a face "virtually gone” and “this will impact your respiratory system." He saw "people being stitched up above the eyebrow apparently


People who were forced to have sex with each other not only could be sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, but also the lack of air movement would help Republican pollutants stick around.


determined subject was sodomizing himself with an object. Blood was visible. Some people were overreacting. Some could create adverse effects on health.

People who are against being fair will find out how the air respiratory index is used to determine


Thursday, May 13, 2004


No man is an Iland,
intire of it selfe.

Every man is a peece
of the age structure,
0-14 years: 41.1%,
15-64 years: 55.9%,
65 years and over: 3%.

The continent population
growth rate, 2.82%.
Birth rate, 34.2 births/1,000
population, a part of the maine.

If a Clod bee washed
away by the Sea,
death rate,
6.02 deaths/1,000 population,
infant mortality rate,
57.61 deaths/1,000 live births.

Life expectancy at birth,
total population: 67.38 years,
female: 68.5 years,
male: 66.31 years,
Europe is the lesse.

As well as if a Promontorie were,
total fertility rate,
4.63 children born/woman.

As well as if a Mannor of thy friends
or of thine owne were; literacy,
(definition: age 15 and over
can read and write),
total population: 58%,
male: 70.7%,
female: 45%.

Any mans death diminishes me,
geographic coordinates,
33 00 N, 44 00 E,

because I am involved
in Mankinde map
references: Middle East.

And therefore never
send to know area:
total, 437,072 sq km,
water, 4,910 sq km,
land, 432,162 sq km,

or for whom the bell tolls,
(natural hazards -
dust storms, sandstorms, floods), It
tolls for thee.

Country name:
conventional long form,
Republic of Iraq.
conventional short form:

Local short form:
Al Iraq.
Local long form:
Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah.

Area - comparative: slightly
more than twice
the size of

Nunc lento sonitu dictunct, Morieris, John Donne, 1624
CIA, The World Factbook 2002

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

tossed & found poem:

Tell the children that the noise
they hear is the sound of freedom

Reassurance is not always reassuring.
In some circumstances honest alarm
is more likely to win the trust
of those around you than
a bland attempt
to clean your

It's a common problem but who'd
have thought that the solution
would be so simple?

Simply smother legitimate concerns
with a half a cup of white vinegar
and half a cup of water.
Leave to soak (overnight
if possible) and then
rinse well.

To keep sparkling, simply unplug and wipe
with bureaucratic nothingness
and a soft white cloth.

Condescension will provide
the necessary dampness.
If any streaks appear
and you are unable
to recognise that
the crisis
has gone beyond the point when it can be solved
then you can buff away
with a lint-free cloth
to prevent streaking.

But be very careful you don't burn
yourself with claim forms.
For routine statements,
wear a pair of cotton gloves,
spray them with polish and run
your fingers between the statements.
Remove any stubborness with a damp sock.

If the blind are very dirty, it is difficult
to dust conventionally. Place a towel
in the bottom of a bath full
of hot soapy water.

Then immerse the blind
in the hot soapy water.
Shake them and clean
them up and down
with fabrication.

Then drain the bath
and rinse the blind
with the shower.

Hang out with a bleak description
of violence overwhelming
a country. You can make
unbeatable homes by
stirring together
one cup of lemon oil
with two cups of hot water.

Dip freedom into the potion
and let it air-dry.
Then store in a covered
metal container
until you're ready to address
the essential task now facing your government:
that of resetting
the moral compass
directing the country.

Oil may pick up dust
but it does nothing
to put a beautiful shine on
and is being damaged by association
with banana people appearing
powerless to control rubbing.

These people are being directed
from the pithy side
of Washington,
not London.

The mentality that leads
to grim images
of black shoes
or brown shoes
is the same
mentality that
leads to assault.

It has caused a dark stain to spread across
as resistance moves
from hardline defenders
to a far wider movement
fuelled by popular despair at their occupation.

Cleaning up some sense of outrage over
what is going wrong on in the country
could start by talking up a mirror
rather than talking
it down.

This is the moment to admit
that commercial spray cleaners
work better than acclaim
to moral purpose
which leave
a film.

Filters have fallen away from an occupation
whose main aim now seems
simply to sustain
its deposit.

Dip a soft cloth in a weak solution
of vinegar and water then wipe
the mirror clean.

Reassert the importance
of setting lines after

Make the surface shine.
Don't leave any accountability
behind but a pleasant fresh aroma.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

the other 1/2

we are the stalkerazzi
we have photographs
as such I ditch
my garden herbs
my poetic meanderings, my markovian generated textual parryings
my intellectual élitism
my slick inclination towards obscurity. I

leash the enemy. I
'm white trash
probably, if I cared to think about it, tip
of ‘n iceberg. Ours is the language
of h-u-m-i-l-i-a-t-i-o-n. The only point being
all                                          pricks
                                        are points

we have photographs
actions speak louder than words
all that matters is fear
do I make myself clear?

9 1/2 days


in food-rent conquered in reflect reflectered
each empowers to which receives can do
of a newly euphrasia the man who religiously
punitive and newly receives but boundaments

expressed in the most fundariest form
ancient customs not penalties
winds’ whether receiveds
the rain food-rent consists mained porturous

punitive a differed very earliest seens
whose recipients characted
winds’ whipping
having beneath the vaguest reflects



a pressed in hand-rent charter
each are actually ancients’ thegnic surveillences
surpassed the very earliest of what the leaves {ac}cord
to his submission did when he turned when received

the leaves acted - exprevious punitives demesne
dripleaves acted
the leaves actually strawing his benefits
which conquerent customs did not receive it

the endowmentala which notrefused a differed in the vaguest
the most fundamental in his head religious form
a newly religious praecox her whether euphrasia
or bedstrawing her



her recipient customs not penalties
which free submissing boundaries
who recipientained in the received expressed upon
her have-charter

each free submissions of a newly received
a porturous praecox
in thegnic surpassion which received it
thegnic submissing

she’s it
the euphrasia
the most, the most of his feorm
ancient consists a newly recipient customs not penaltiest of her/his growths

torturously on which free surpassion
having that she’s it
charactually she’s it
porturous yet freely



exprevious pressed in the most time
thymus praecox, euphrasia
the benefit of his growths
in the beneath thegnic surpassing

she’s recipient(s)
whipping beneath
the vaguest thermals
hers a received, a newly reflect



reflecter: a portion
each are actually one of a newly one
each are a newly strawinds’ whether euphrasia or
thymus punitived

her demesne weather
her crush charter, a free submission
the man who is actually stretched in food-rent charter
a portion

the very earliest summer
whipping his dripleaves a differed upon
acceptence of his euphrasia
the leaves doing it

the vaguest of his growth{s} towards
her who receives doing it
as to which are acceptences
ancients mained in the receives but the endowment charactually on

words’ elaboration
have acted, having she’d it
the vaguest, the very earliest of words’ elaboration, whether endowmented chartered or each a free surveillence of a newly stretched in beneath-

whipping she’d it
thegned surveillence newly on words
winds’ religiously remanned in the man who reflects



a portion found receives her receive-mandala
the most herards elaboration
each recipients
each consists
each can do
each vaguest submissing

crushes but the bounds reflected
having euphrasia
having her/his demesne
tortion the man
crusher/his growth towards

which free surveillence
the bedstretched one of which empowers boundaries

the man
who recipient customs not penaltiest the leave a newly strawing her consists
of her conquerent customs not penalties

who records
wings the boundament customs not penalties
not crushed

surpassion of what time the rain foundaments
the euphrasia
the gifts beneath the most of what time
towards wings - sheers his feorm

ancient customs not penalties
towards elaboration what they/his do
his demesne torturous can do
of a newly who receives it

{t}her{e} man


who receives does
a portion of him beneath the beneath the religious pressed upon
the very earliest fundariest of a newly rained in found receives it
thymus previous praecox in the most winds’ time



free submission the vaguest the leaves do
a praecox to have acceptence
surveille{nce}d of whipping the man
whose religious praecox in the leaves it

thymus can do
of which recipient customs not penalties
which free submission receives acceptence
thymus not

punitive it
euphrasia not
punitive it
as the raintala rents, consists



ancient-taintala rents conquered on
the bedstrawing, the very earliest bedstrawing
winds’ boundaments what time benefits
the benefit of what the leaves actually customed not penaltied

receives his acceptence, his do
each received
he that her newly leaved a newly ancient mandala



mandala eventuated
newly a leaved her that he
received each

do his acceptence his receives
penaltied not
customed actually
leaves benefit time conquered


Monday, May 03, 2004


we associate revelry with carnival and a woman’s face: a
languid smile, an arched eyebrow, a
tongue flicked invitingly along
the border of a lower lip

but men have reason to fear the written text
from the nefarious masculinizing
effects of literacy

symmetry: that consensus to wrest away the altars and temples
the printing press made
humanly possible

by which reformers agree that love through a woman’s ears
is not written in the sand
legs, breasts, beards, scents, buttocks and ankles
come from the same erogenous root:

and whose face is eaten
and whose face constitutes beautiful
in general is written by the elite

reformation’s rigid repressive self-
discipline possible only because
to eat flesh a man falls through


yet the sand
is not written
from the sand

the human face
eludes definition

the carnivore derives consensus

the reformation’s rigid repression makes
the border that the necessary
first step is not

and a woman cannot
                                 and a woman
                                                   cannot fall

love through this and what was written in the sand
was not written
and what was not
was an unspoken and constitutes beautiful
and whose face: a languid smile, an arched eyebrow, a
symmetry that constitutes beauty eludes definition

from the written text
                              from the written
                                    from written

from altars
               the most erogenous zone is

             flicked invitingly along
                flicked invitingly along
                   flicked invitingly long

the nefarious association
    the border of literacy/symmetry that the elite

suggests we associate

love through her ears
 rigid’s repress made
   beautiful from the wrote in an unspoken

and what He did not say
was not


         we a

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