Sunday, January 20, 2008


he has me backed up in the cave. I
want his she. I
wait and wait: my
past sefer-scribed, scrolled up into
its own profuse anastomoses. I
am pinioned by stalactite causes: I
have pissed my feet with the waiting of
him. I
cover my toes with
.........my third wings: I
shall draw her out of him shall have to
unfurl shall make satin from
serge: I
mither grogram specks to scatter-pearls: I
scavel in the chert-dirt pick scent trail,
stiffen enough to spraint: she
further inches and further her taint stink gossamer rose and silk and incomplete first
: her
origin glossal: I
want him holed up in the patience truss: I
want her fossiled in the residue sluice-duct: I
want her towsed: have her undisambiguated, smacked up in the psalmplay splay


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I want you

I want you to hedge a bet
in my cunt
I want you to stack your deck
I want you to place your cards face-up
I want you to show your hand
I want you to shake your dice in a little plastic cup
in my cunt
I want your ace king queen jack joker
in my cunt
I want your canasta cribbage poker
I want your blackjack gofish euchre
I want your major arcana
in my cunt
I want you trumped
I want you to national hunt flat race steeple chase hare chase fox hunt
in my cunt
I want you to bring out champagne socialist Range Rovered protesters drivin' down
my streets a cryin' hey it's me and I'm dynamite an' I don't whyin'
I want Van Morrison Patti Smith Jim Morrison
in my cunt
I want George Clooney with Mickey Rooney's energy
in my cunt
I want J Edgar Hoover all dressed up
I want Damien Hirst maggots I want Tracy Emin's tent stitched up tight I want her bed her empty
booze bottles slippers snot rags fag ends knickers Saatchi artwork Momart warehouse fire risk
in my cunt
I want Condoleezza Rice as performance artist
in my cunt
I want you to impress your carbon footprint on the world's deepest hardest farthest highest
I want James Cagney about to fall off
I want you to set foot on Everest and make my base camp a dump
I want your pathetic inadequate outdated sentimentalised Forrest Gump irony
in my cunt
I want you denied your enhanced body armour bullet proof vest by a British Army financial
efficiency test in a Baghdad nightmare suburb ignoring Hellman Province poppies
I want their lush plump prime sharecropped lot festering
in my cunt
I want George Bush's best terrorist threat quotations
I want Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton facing off
I pray the lone assassin's bullet tinpot buckshot
I want the unlawfully held let off
I want the condemned
I want you to lose the plot
As I said I want you to hedge a bet: you ain't seen nothin' yet
in my cunt

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