Thursday, March 26, 2009


you/r chirurgeonly hack you/r hang
on the skipper's door the blood
apron caked and drawn as
separating curtain you/r
barratry drawl how
how obvious how
the obvious-limbs fall
off how heavy-scatter after
the hacksaw how
the glance-
back how the
salivating trigger
the hypothecating trawl
you/r covet
you/r overstep
you/r patrooning rights
effects the eventual affects
like pluralated like underbrandied
screams the auguries are plump-ovened
a numb fights with death a dawn bursary
a slackening deadfest
birds gratis
hope apothecaric the turn
the amputee hurt the seemingly
familiar trust septicaemia'hd: I
pain-rehearse: I
cook a story: I
gather you/r bottomry slops unto
a girth of ripe-red a rump day
a repeat operation enough
speculation flesh for
piranha oceans
the deck bleached with analysis-lime
waves pound regret-froth an'
told-you shit, yet
bit by bit you
wash you/r
of it

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