Sunday, April 25, 2004

found body parts I

p 730:
The muscles of the perinæum
in the female are, the
Sphincter vaginæ.
Compressor urethræ.
Erector clitoridis.
Sphincter ani.
Transversus perinæi.
Levator ani.

The Sphincter Vaginæi surrounds
the orifice of the vagina
and is analogous to the
Accelerator urinæ in the male.

It is attached, posteriorily,
to the central tendon
of the perinæum,
where it blends
with the Sphincter ani.

Its fibres pass forwards on
each side of the vagina,
to be inserted into
the corpora cavernosa
and body of the clitoris.

The Erector Clitoridis resembles
the Erector penis
in the male, but
is smaller

The Transversus Perinœi is
inserted into the side of
the Sphincter vaginæi,
and the Levator ani
into the side of
the vagina.

The other muscles are
precisely similar
to those in the male.

pp. 740 – 768 index

p. 769 errata:
Page 35, line 14 from bottom, for medulla oblongata read Pons Varolli.
  ,,  284,  ,,    4, for apophysis read diaphysis.
  ,,  334, last line, for dental foramon read mental foramon.

found body parts II

The photographs that President George Bush
does not want the American public to see
show the flag-draped coffins containing
the bodies of American servicemen
and women - dying in Iraq at a
rate of between four
and six a day –

being returned to the US and to their families.
Aware of the power of these pictures
and their potential to inflict political
damage on Mr Bush as he
campaigns for re-election,
his chief political adviser,
Karl Rove, is desperate

that they should not be published.
Under a White House directive,
the press has not been
permitted to

the return of such
coffins for more than a year.
But last week 361 images of
military coffins being returned
to Dover air force base in Delaware
were released to an internet news site under

the Freedom of Information Act.
This week the Pentagon decided
it should not have provided
the pictures after all, and
barred further

Independent Newspaper April 24th 2004

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