Thursday, April 08, 2004

getting lucky

so you fist my udder through its
corona braceletted charms
brass key which greens with use my opening youngers
me mother-of-pearl heart from rubbing
true grit to always come through
blue john womb purple an’ white banded
rugae wrath and Naboth ovula
abalone shell angel who overstands their regularity
therefore fire yet an annoyance
its kitsch clinks
milk you grab for but linked to rot a lock
simple bar and ring forgot we forgot gifts tarnish
slot a free link catches, scratches
blots how we would box the lot
wrap, peel paper crinkle drop to sheets we wet
by weep or precious exceptions
calf calf trawl calf arm up me I lick your wrist true
ruby born and you dare arch dream tungsten and then, then I sprawl a cave-need
(no obligatory sentimental lapis toy dolphin bow)
better smethered it would be some simple silver offertory pumped
cheaper by far flame iris a pinprick pupil
undilated shushed finger
tipped enough may enough slick fabergéd baiting
rub my little leprechaun love and we’ll rawlplug
mammary magic weight
weight fuck cupid - watch
the fountain goes pre-glow
you say you cow
you cow

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