Friday, April 30, 2004

If only

If only wings
could fly you
with blood-tender tinglings
across undeniable oceans’ thew.

Could fly you
across undeniable oceans. Thew
and revenge musculature; exculpate,

each tear.
And revenge muscualture. Exculpate

Each tear
and revenge, musculature. Exculpate
by bite, by rip, by cunt bait.

And revenge: musculature. Exculpate
what necrolustful ravages bear.
By bite, by rip, by cunt bait
we dare.

What necrolustful ravages we bear
down graves wherein musked hunger.
We dare
toss. Wave. Weft death à Dieu va

down graves wherein musked hunger
drowns not fitful self. Appeasement.
Toss. Wave. Weft death à Dieu va.
My love, cum; though terror

drowns not fitful self appeasement,
we swim through devil bone
my love. Come, though terror,
defy scissable flesh. Alone,

we swim through devil bone
to drown by dream-meet.
Defy scissable flesh.

we would cleat
                    to drown by dream-meet.

With blood-tender tinglings
we would cleat.

If only wings.

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