Friday, April 09, 2004

lassitudes regrouted

she is having trouble with what are caryatids are
or no, slinging common bur-reed over her shoulder
its shadows not their leaf tips brown curls her fingers
where his sour was where too too hard water furs
alkaline his meants come and slight slurs
f’where past hurts. Past dangerously dark
harsh marauding curt asides turned granit-
eish will I be cast out now that I’m baptised
for I have been naughty she said like a child
but blissed and red where he’d kissed/lick’d
slips tongue slips of the tongue along
the sinkedge wipes thinking also sin-
king to domestic rots how houses
hold oh shit walls separate          and we keep polite
secrets get from under my feet, don’t just
be another kid yet historically it was always
men who chiselled who even now tell tool from leaf
and shines and no time to theologically spit damn crazy
small a wrist double-tendon click bets absolutely no balance
if there’s such as harridan males what would maiden
                                                   gargoyles grit
between their stony bulbous blubber-teeth but stealth
more plasticfrogfreebies seemingly than sophia-steeped; an easterly blows
and home drowned comments
greasy left-overs and mistaken bulrushes
flow lean her heart starts stone goes (best foot forward…
circuitry below par her boundary, personal or otherwise
uninstigated as if cold as if cold as if god mere marble
as if is the only in-the-know pitted
conspiring statues not statutes turn, giggle
not at all on her side their garlands
slide, not all but
only these

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