Saturday, April 10, 2004


to rest from
the tumults
and disturbance
of the world
I dream
I’m in bed and
she said my
breasts they
will always
be cut      open
like a can
it is coming
to the time
of scourging
to pictures
we all need
of the train
beamed around
the globe
of carnage
until they hang
until half-dead
their genitals
and burned
in front of them
alive, their bowels
and heart
removed they
are decapitated
and dismembered
of tuna
firefly shrouds
zither my flesh
shrouds abound
their body parts
publicly displayed
eaten by birds
as they de-
I am in bed alive
a bird nests
in the crook
and it is coming
to the time
of piercing
a baby torn
to shreds
for desert places
favour the pursuit
of wisdom
yes we all
need rain
for the believing
someone we can
bleed on
and if you
want it, well
baby, you
can bleed on

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