Saturday, April 17, 2004


Teethe divided by plaque,
air by nail scrape on board-pick, pick;
harmonics piss a crack on the basin.

A festoon of taste buds
lassoed by hair stuck in the mouth.
Flake scalps on eye edge.
Body where it should not have been, screaming, car-

eening shards of our past.
Fear not courage.
Though old, it is current.

Opinions, daring to pierce the goitre of maternity,
forever dismembering, moreover gutting and sever-

ing the sanctity he initially
bestowed upon

His face, exsanguinated.
Acute: desire shall creep back, forgive.
But she knows lividity. A sad regrowth.

She must keep her hands
to herself. Not clean
up. Safeguard off-
spring. She smells

Hears his sad intake.
Watches as he walks.

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