Thursday, April 08, 2004

what metaphor the pit

currently there’s a woman
in Rwanda dedusting skulls
her rags indistinguishable
from apron contryfolks’ femurs
tibias &cs &cs stacked
elsewhere but as far as
this tidy hole we call affluent,
society, ‘our’, there
are demarcations: what one
is supposed to include
and my body politic
better poetically
may be discussed
whether a more luxurious common
term than plateau for reaching orgasm
or geographical enough or indeed expendable
arms – metal, skinned, grasping, reclined, unskinned
missing à la Venus de Milo, rusted, forensic’d, iusticable
love some 800,000 intricacies nuanced
clarity hygienic language
gets us included
which deeds

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