Tuesday, May 11, 2004

9 1/2 days


in food-rent conquered in reflect reflectered
each empowers to which receives can do
of a newly euphrasia the man who religiously
punitive and newly receives but boundaments

expressed in the most fundariest form
ancient customs not penalties
winds’ whether receiveds
the rain food-rent consists mained porturous

punitive a differed very earliest seens
whose recipients characted
winds’ whipping
having beneath the vaguest reflects



a pressed in hand-rent charter
each are actually ancients’ thegnic surveillences
surpassed the very earliest of what the leaves {ac}cord
to his submission did when he turned when received

the leaves acted - exprevious punitives demesne
dripleaves acted
the leaves actually strawing his benefits
which conquerent customs did not receive it

the endowmentala which notrefused a differed in the vaguest
the most fundamental in his head religious form
a newly religious praecox her whether euphrasia
or bedstrawing her



her recipient customs not penalties
which free submissing boundaries
who recipientained in the received expressed upon
her have-charter

each free submissions of a newly received
a porturous praecox
in thegnic surpassion which received it
thegnic submissing

she’s it
the euphrasia
the most, the most of his feorm
ancient consists a newly recipient customs not penaltiest of her/his growths

torturously on which free surpassion
having that she’s it
charactually she’s it
porturous yet freely



exprevious pressed in the most time
thymus praecox, euphrasia
the benefit of his growths
in the beneath thegnic surpassing

she’s recipient(s)
whipping beneath
the vaguest thermals
hers a received, a newly reflect



reflecter: a portion
each are actually one of a newly one
each are a newly strawinds’ whether euphrasia or
thymus punitived

her demesne weather
her crush charter, a free submission
the man who is actually stretched in food-rent charter
a portion

the very earliest summer
whipping his dripleaves a differed upon
acceptence of his euphrasia
the leaves doing it

the vaguest of his growth{s} towards
her who receives doing it
as to which are acceptences
ancients mained in the receives but the endowment charactually on

words’ elaboration
have acted, having she’d it
the vaguest, the very earliest of words’ elaboration, whether endowmented chartered or each a free surveillence of a newly stretched in beneath-

whipping she’d it
thegned surveillence newly on words
winds’ religiously remanned in the man who reflects



a portion found receives her receive-mandala
the most herards elaboration
each recipients
each consists
each can do
each vaguest submissing

crushes but the bounds reflected
having euphrasia
having her/his demesne
tortion the man
crusher/his growth towards

which free surveillence
the bedstretched one of which empowers boundaries

the man
who recipient customs not penaltiest the leave a newly strawing her consists
of her conquerent customs not penalties

who records
wings the boundament customs not penalties
not crushed

surpassion of what time the rain foundaments
the euphrasia
the gifts beneath the most of what time
towards wings - sheers his feorm

ancient customs not penalties
towards elaboration what they/his do
his demesne torturous can do
of a newly who receives it

{t}her{e} man


who receives does
a portion of him beneath the beneath the religious pressed upon
the very earliest fundariest of a newly rained in found receives it
thymus previous praecox in the most winds’ time



free submission the vaguest the leaves do
a praecox to have acceptence
surveille{nce}d of whipping the man
whose religious praecox in the leaves it

thymus can do
of which recipient customs not penalties
which free submission receives acceptence
thymus not

punitive it
euphrasia not
punitive it
as the raintala rents, consists



ancient-taintala rents conquered on
the bedstrawing, the very earliest bedstrawing
winds’ boundaments what time benefits
the benefit of what the leaves actually customed not penaltied

receives his acceptence, his do
each received
he that her newly leaved a newly ancient mandala



mandala eventuated
newly a leaved her that he
received each

do his acceptence his receives
penaltied not
customed actually
leaves benefit time conquered


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