Monday, May 24, 2004


Findings from a new study indicate that obese women
employ a termined one,
and a basic desire
to issue.

Presumably, at increased risk for having
their mammograms read as abnormal when,
in fact, everything is okay, is a basic desire to be transparent.

To have women who are at higher risk
for breast cancer model context
and tend to be diagnosed
at later stages of disease,     even

if mean, is to attempt to be quite old-fashioned; one
forever inasmuch as ordinary,
    misread as normal.

Prototypical vocabulary is unwarranted faith.
In medical parlance, this is known as a "false positive" result.

The false-determs are as ordinary as meaning refuted.
A default, or prototypical cognitive model allows
anxiety among patients

claims that tie
dependent-fields inevitably.

This view is quite and one; the psychological
resides in "the philosopher's logist/cognitive linguistics,”
resulting in higher costs and greater
false-positive rates.

To avoid limitation, the concepts, patently false, are placed
at a population level,

But what results play
is not clear.

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