Sunday, June 27, 2004



she laid him out upon her table
and prayed his entrails certain
delusionary depositions salt
trails obsequious tides

he had twitched his navel
a postportentious apothecary's rose
old and seemingly slightly again rose
again and sunk breathing bequeathing

a something a most definite something a
snail's trail bitter yet sweet to swallows' hell
almost any bird with eyes could care to follow
licked shell then the rare kite tricked her swooped

woow picked her love clean from's bones
and the bare of 'im rare trickled a'red
and the bare of 'im
dead centre

derides the scrubbed the grain the suckering sheen
top knife pine index even floorboards unsilted
dermal to dermal alive coos then smiles
and the fatidic bird drops a pace slops

what's left all fibonacchic settling intestines back
where they came from snug their love
ooh antiseptic and all
in the right

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