Wednesday, June 30, 2004



I am about to bleed. Wednesday. Thoughts
Circus elephants are now banned. Some
artistes wrestle with chainsaws
but this is no relevant

substitution. There are clubs which one may join
Weiss writes: the Existence in an Actuality
is continuous with Existence beyond that
I can't understand, not

even the capitals. Along Oxford Rd
plastic reads ZAM ZAM HALAL and I
shall miss it, each Wednesday, therapy
sessions debriefing a week and only latterly

in the final trimester of my allotted 18
months the promise of the Christian Aid
thrift shop and its vinyls for 20p each (upstairs
where sometimes they've forgotten to switch on the light). I

had a polaroid of my daughter sitting on
an elephant/1993 and she remembers
how huge                                              it was how high up
the zebra the lions a performing horse and now the cruelty. I

'm 26 years down the line from falling
in love, a broken leg                        counting steps
                             thus slow to the hermit's chapel at St. Govan's head
and back up the tide coming in fast the forced
jump the German army on exercise my being

blanket rescued.
I am about to bleed. There is no apparent group
although crazies aplenty and one prostitute in particular
We walk hauling bags or drive encrusted

histories nights pitfalls someplaces we are banned
from all the many different kinds of inter-
course;                                                     yet I
have landed. Animals 'nd
keep discourse

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