Saturday, July 17, 2004

revealing sources 
(a) to obtain and provide information
which is brilliant for making tired skin
look really fresh and alive
relate to the actions
or intentions of really simple, pure persons
and eat healthy food
and drink tons of water
to perform that you are what you (b)  
- to perform other tasks relating
to the actions or intentions of such
never go anywhere without
Dior Maximeyes mascara
and Dior Addict perfume 
- other beauty essentials are:
Shu Uemura cleanser
and the Never a Dull Moment persons exfoliator
from Origins
[in relation to] the interests of national security
with particular reference to defence
trade secrets and foreign policies
economic well-being
or in support of the prevention
or detection of serious crime
the old school smoky eyes
are always a winner 
One 'secret' potion is a Performance Related
South American face oil called Rose Moscketa. It's
wonderful because it can be used
as a night cream but it's also brilliant on
cuts and bruises
and  is now in force outside
the British Islands 

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