Sunday, August 29, 2004

...and of the unloveds

the crowd around the shrine those upon
the city's dung-heap a religious student
turned machine gunner the woman pimping
her nature in order to be held farmers
hit by the worst harvest in memory
collapsed in tears on the roadside
the vast majority of women seeking
abortions who died from excess implants
the popstar back on booze after 7 days
under a gagging order of millions
whose children the courts took left
with twenty quid after a quick fuck
alone and in fear of dying from snake

...and their hiding place

and in any case what I do there
is none of your business you would
have to be steeped in it to know
but sweetheart I don't think you
remember what you say everything
will be alright you are loved yes
I must get back for prayers these
are weak people am I going to get
sentimental about his condition?
he's spent his whole life causing
conflict between 2 parents and he's
doing it to us now in any case it
has nothing to do with you or me what
you need is to hear another's heart

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