Friday, August 20, 2004


Cracks are good she said
in pain and hung her
head in vain and waiting

Help me with my cracks. They’re showing
far too much she said
and for such

learnt to feel ashamed and hung
her head again

There’s cures for cracks
I’ve heard she said
in superstores on the edges of towns. She waited

on an edge
forgetting where she was
and where she was supposed to be

No no no they said
All the packets of filler are in
the DIY

Oh so do I have to do it all myself
then? she asked as she

the directions
misread implications
made the mixture too dense

for anybody to get in
Except into a crack crept
a somebody who’d never minded

stiffness of mixture
Ooh smells good in
here to me he said

Cement, sticky fingers
make and mend, dough
I don’t know, - stuff

Anyway, cracks are
- good
he said in play
and went away

Yes, cracks are good she said
in pain and hung her
head in vain and waiting

And day after day
after day after day
learnt. Learnt

patience. Whenever he came
back there was another
crack, wider and deeper than the one

which came before it
Finally he said
Stuff it

Right she said
I'll help myself

Hide she said
and dried

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