Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Labour Party Conference,
Brighton, September 2004,
remotely viewed

It is a matter of 'who is in the hall'
pro-hunt lobbyists outnumber
anti-war demonstrators, 1
Trotskyite, a few well scripted, coded
apologies with enough leeway to rest laurels

On the News two female Italian hostages
are suddenly, apparently, released
changing from veiled madonnas
to scrubbed up super models
beside a jeep in a desert

In apathy I rent The Passion on DVD
and am left with the knowledge
that Jesus designed a table
way ahead of its time

and the Virgin's immortal lines
"It'll Never Catch On"
as Christ does a
sitting motion
in thin air              but at least I know

Gibson, Blair and the BBC fake. As
for the chemical composition
of 'cover-up'
I'm not so

hands fingers skin eyes
an impossible calculus
once the make-up
artistes arrive

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