Sunday, September 05, 2004

lukewarming the absence of an erectus other

daily utensils impartial necessary ablutions
the make'n'mendabilty essentials
a bimanous capability thwarted
by patience's limit

seemingly neuropathological forks cups
no particular predominance other than that
felt and that in bladder evidence water pass-
ing deposited an alien burn however back

to menial fingers washed of bacteriological
threat mucous less viscous therefore coming
up to ovulation again hence once evening permits
expect a mandalaical frenzy. I

have no goat-equivalent
lust spraints its musthifying silence
throughout my placentalism yet
cushion order cover textile shade coordination

a street congeniality nest concealment
equivalent litter dependency
embarrassing await for him addiction
a tertiary altriciality. I

have not escaped predation
not applied survival tactics neither sheep nor oxen
tithe salt in meals but of course (cooking) oil
incense against the smell of dogs a daily duty doing their hair

suck should suspend
judgement be submissive but money
drains and only only what I'm able
to wet or dry may be my sense-perceptible gift

it is not a real sacrifice until a change
has been effected in the visible
look out windows' transparent justifications
no revelation a uterine pain mouths gape

but that surely is agape and theological? no vertical
eschatology here but surfaces ionise dust
no fiduciary relationship molecules a crust
of discharge where his remains made me more acidic than

usual his life his own now. I sleep with no one night on night
the unpredictable difference offered by the dailies
their slaughter photographic
their celerity     digital

with what temerity shall he excogitate upon
his precious
Trinity? Things
come as ones or twos and few extras

no absolute certainty
except a lawn to mow no sperm grew
and underwear to launder terror stalks
but no one died from alone

love is a tegumental routine
offspring fed I lock the door
above its fanlight no dove
no polemics to take flight into

but a desert of unrentable webs
inside dread
                     outside tomorrow
but that only as Presentable

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