Saturday, September 04, 2004

seized by Saturday

I hacked the secret of water
(she hacked the secret of water)
there is no small fall - fall
(there is no small fall just fall)
not like the mucous plug sudden
(did you see it? what did
it look like? was it bloody?)
no, like leftover soap
yes, bloody
factoid: oxytocin is what's responsible for breast-
milk production
(she saw his eyes his brief shame)
but wait a minute, years later, not the father
of my (her) children but a lover with a hidden
a full itch a terrible full
(a fullness like a balloon?)
the moon was still up at 11 this morning
(was she to water the garden?)
naked children massacred on my every screen
(on every bloody place you look)
it'll be a dry day although the sweet peas are mildewed
and my anemone has gone unfostered
(she has been covering up for him for 6
years now, more if you count her infatuation)
lists carpet sew tags garlic bread walk dogs do something
sensible with the sad
with the sad
the sad
("these people don't know me quite apart from which
sweetheart what I'm trying to do there is really none
of your business")
my sister says there's no such word in Russian
as negotiation and tells me again how it took 5
adaptors to plug her iron into the one wall
socket inherMoscow apartment
(he had to keep a night guard on the van outside)
always a have to hacked that too that too and that too

I could not find one diagnostic
for the Machiavellian Personality Type
empathy plagarising lying to keep up self-image lying
to further self promotion
and 'Let Down'
1. milk reflex
2. he's a well you know
arms – I... those tootwo
holding and killing

oh and it simply occurs
no warning
(they had no warning)

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