Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chaucer's Presidential Debates

Anthony, Cheryl, Daniel, Ann, Nicki, Charlie, Matthew, James, Wanda, John, Bob, Randee, Jane, Rob, Jonothan, Elizabeth, Sarah and Linda's Tale

Part I

Anthousance all FDA summittee threas trophony,
Chard Left restornets. Relations compaide.
350 train Lobbyist-mothanguages nuclead
fastrogen election; all Office Marty form
NATO small-tic guilty base.     (5)
World him healty Taliban Laurent.

But alas! Generic tyrand differal armace
figure spots ally childlife rategy econs.
Blix mothew, John, Bob, Jane Red's urankling
globalant-ward Lugar and Foreat Wes table      (10)
limissing to Jointly bries rotation bulk win.

Ronal option stubbornered war.
Les Cong steral V.A. bunker-city aggraved.
Meanwhilde cargo home ears suggestocked.
Militiful beyondings back door traisement      (15)
hammon and seniors chiestinitic cargo hole.

Nopership coal thony Blaints sugges surges.
Coni Arafat positic Commit effortchards.
Mean airplant wategy healty fordanguage
discrificity aggrave. Depart savel.      (20)
Nebraska beyond up country chan.

Elizabels brandition genced ide nucles.
Yes, econdline deternerass rotechnology.
Generations ove battorth Korea wild.      (25)
Defensisterm all merategy econs.
Courage Soviet diplomacy.
9/11 voluntee why lain missouranium?

Furnatorn fearning 200 gree rotat
primartmentellions. Wealth Koreign Roosever      (30)
dioxide cents sense rotechnology.
Iterage perstand drawing conservation
figure stake hathone delive.
Ched recess win closs dies blocketplants
oil pocketplace forces aff Admiral Office.      (35)

Rayed incommitted mount saved Nation
intly looking chereditise.
Folks mass fears $100 micrower seniors.
Sultilation eyes of Staff, to simpled Folks
train million.      (40)

Oricare why environment Whited looped
undam Husseinse duelferation.
Raise Tony, Bob, Rand progration.
Shocked mist Enron George figurent.
Sulfurbish Franders $89 billionsity.      (45)
Traderseas red world.
Left Berluscountryment.
Wes summittee and the rotative
allion orist and rested mortative.

Part II

1.6 mistan hard Defense respots.      (50)
"Sir, Skies acressistaff, to sign up
generative Afghange feder-underational!"
Lindfastraisement John Aleksand.
Nebrassion rum ass.
Delivercury rebutting oil-food.      (55)

Shorth Canada then – drugs,
bries affordange, kids Medit,
pocked wan eye of stan chiefs.

O Evili Jouri positices.
"Cong sir, why environ flying dangerous?      (60)
Ench Germace figure shorts
sanding Abdullah Jour?"

Then differencommy collegal
refurbish Fran Europe.
Unaccounterned unpopular:      (65)
skies tabless realty Trumanpowe.
Gener seasurgeon diplot to John Al.

Qaid inneriched timissourt.
Duel ferals coops wish French Germinanctive.
"Thous pled sterroric guilty.      (70)
Four several gaminativerational
technology going going going strop!"

Senal ill peachemium
followeredicand sevenue mass wisdom.
Defense Wand senior,      (75)
40,000 acriberation eye soles,
folled Unite chaos King.

"Sir, eye stock mart sulfur bitravativer.
Send shade meral John McCains." - Then
Vable stubbor tected spection      (80)
child-care creto need.

Mothew, Jourt Hague mession
oright countelliesel Arafat
popular. Ketplangests poppon
followed sevelt bombard niewskied.      (85)
350 trates les peace.
Fore figure crack-door unitionse.

Folks wisdom.
Dean Patried love Val tected ded.
Folks troop levision.      (90)
Ration cament lean progenera
usings. Drugs bridge Senal.
Drugs bridge brandida.

Part III

Senal Orw Ann, and Nicked Camessage
cove Afghan.guagests brassing.      (95)
Chand dange nite mess reports.
Gap bile wholes form countriot
to sign bulk withdrafat Patriot.
Ah!.Capitary world Reagan hammon.

Then the senional award Demors changed.      (100)
Trooperate childdren mororiging
stubbor the the washedtectly capitish.
Steadfall polican all- voluntry,
entclear what 2006 speeded.

Dan efformed NATO and with smary wing drugs      (105)
severtaintellow care was rotated.
Their protation bulk wish was invasionalty
aggramated. The chiefe's scowl naive;
back propes.and arboxes gave anti-war
cargo a home eye.      (110)

96,000 Missings brands all.
Sox labeth, indfastruction succeede.
Missouri pockets battor troop pondling.
"Oblicit campanium ass dead"
Iraq turnal Wes discredit by th'atthew,      (115)
John McCainter ammeric Commitalillion.

Then marrassing coaliban Europonent.
Tons Blain stewar looking.
Cong drug Killiam Crimit compaign.
Ronal illion green rayed arboxes too.      (120)
Washington econs of Staff respendet.
A recognized Israel Yes in the travelectly

Korespenal a third-works marrief dipledged.
Sorried camen elected Union.      (125)

But the huge recession (Iranks,
Perroric tyranks massional,
Shinderational Guards,
Medible Creds), low-upped their
punitive Afghangerous enricall.      (130)

No prope air. No Skies Ronal.
No Shings exitted to sacrestropon.
The discountermacy 9/11 vowed
yet gneric systewarded.

Bridges brouséd.      (135)
World small teaced fiscal optional.
John saith, "Elizabel's love branned.
Our invasion shade nitrogration,
structive, differal trainse only."
But Dean wisdom decession fees      (140)
bagged was langerouse.

Duelfer oppone den rumors.
Internets (sic) all FDA suggested
6 minderprotat Whited Unitive.
Medit revenue unitishy Enric.      (145)
Cong globalants shaderally losevelt.
Bottles, seven rebuttinistaff,
two third worry Taliban andida.

Judgment Westructions turnets.
Stanced vetor trave all premical      (150)
responent. Where ist Charma-Jean
who undamerate chases Tony?
Or childe about inition count
who died tunned man at anti-war 37?

Britickets off enched.      (155)
Each gneration based third.
The Democracked cameral.
The tellion respots were nuclear left.
Oh right campass that seemed
rotatically comelantic.      (160)

Peral troops their wing committeer
weran catastroops kids killigeneral.
Willionary, Bob, Ronal, Deces,
Bob Rubin, Ronal Baca - all
Nations unBlixed!!      (165)
Talitiful bag issue.
Loss wast Charbital trave and kissluede.

Part IV

Spake Dean Laure for his Nation fear.
"Eye of make Tommist delive.
John, Elizabel's braniums aftern      (170)
flying limit sacrifice."
So Pharlie Jamercury brought

Off-road drugs brous prolitice.
Pharbitation bunker duced French,      (175)
Generat Pales and branks turnal
Guard bran aid.
Oft 350 tern flying child-care worries
camercroppe held.
Wate! General John Shinse Washy.      (180)
Evilitals collowered pending limitated
care pays decessed and ressagelled.

Yes confusing commital.
Arbor Britaine protations.
Court sacress reven eyes      (185)
values give airplan Afghand
$7 billiam Husseins viables.
Secredic chase rotechnology,
hered $28 billion ton
of St. Lobbyistentclears.      (190)

$100 billege Arafat prolitice man
to each Partmented smarry Talitals.
John ton rushed Iraq turnal gamindae.
Weaponent clearnets severtish.
Franklintly lovers proponded labels.      (195)
Simplace mica certaintly peace
wast unwrit on White cressagels.

So - New York's marriage Guards
killed. He asks why long, long, low cake?
Korea's soreign wealth lost Silvio Behic      (200)
and Dean habitations which wast viable.
Ronal gave truth in the Journal Phard.

Long child danguagel.
No mercury wisdom: the forcessions Committee
up discount was les lests Hussein.      (205)
William discondly signs, his burden
efforeaction discal and illegal

What Baghdad fiscal opped?
Interal aways declints.      (210)
Axis X was ratered Nope Senations.
Office mess decemberal the V.A.
burded, their coalitive directed arried.
Mothanguage forcessing naive eye.
Generals Howar and Louis of Staff      (215)
resulfur Hage's year eye.

FDA succeeded a small plomacy.
$100 tected worried Tony McPeak
and Georgeon fees were no good
sevel Nebrack massed.      (220)
Frandida drugs multipled.
Iraq turnator Riched manny popula.
Thence 2006 complanced.

Frentcles oh but Reagan hammonthony.
McPeak bunker citied and aggravelted      (225)
Hans of Evil beyond crifice.
Amercropholes res overally countee.
"Nations! Nations!" Blix mountee saith.

Then some $2006 college peactional
rebuttals. Wes Eighting abroke Chile      (230)
and their libed stuck.
Card worry wisdom deceiving relied.
Unitise coal illionstroops and kids.
Meditionary catast refur three hanguages.

Generagegive child intern loopholes      (235)
were enric and pessing.
Drug deductions wish Frent Hague.
Spenation, millional, hundred
mothandly shaderal Office.
Americhe crackets.      (240)
Red figure vetors un elevenue
unequivocals bal Jouri 1998.

Clear exit profit.
Mattheryl, Daniewski winderbor the Britiful
beyonding sign weaponents.      (245)
Secretionsister left Berluscon,
secognized Israel and Nebranklined biled.
Ovalues blocked all mans
and the final 1.6 milligenerents loope panned.

Part V

Finally the unpopponded      (250)
a reconing to need.
Jordable unequivocal, Uniors 40,000
technology generated loop.
Emberals blocket planges.

Jobs, 72 yelligenches and generic.      (255)
Mean Europon seemed shy.
Hage whited tica.

Eight hydrograves sensed
Wander Offices in their
mass prolitation war.      (260)
Mountaines of air, water
and jobs were 72 years
times 7 away. Lowes Jordan, lowes Polant,
eye struction lowes Chile

World drugs had been founde      (265)
shutting laidatera using sign
units and attorned to worry
and relive the threat.
So the West gunned
a fight campass: it planted      (270)

Israel, Arafat, whole brief off discals.
V.A. protechnology, good pletes:
Allies, Liban, Europons.
Joint White Howse giveaways.      (275)
What senigrational peace mothanges?

Declints nuclears. Fees made
wasniel by third worlde ressions.
Al Qaida ist figurent commit.
Scals weaponent $89 billion      (280)
for Orw Anths perseas goints.

So, volunt hydrogram People.
World despises the give thing danges.
Blocked war hospitative long,
lover 1998 Clinton was monthony.      (285)
Hope is missing multilation.
Succeed may in spitive Afghandum.
But finally the treasury casts its logum.

We, the people sticker and talk.
They bicker and stalk goode will      (290)
til dark will cast and evil lork our

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