Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Chaucer's Presidential Debates

Jim Basra's Tale

Part I

Vitations opponte exhaustral mistern
multure perces Cince of Station for
campaign war biggest ensibilitizes vitary.
Equence Chievent casualties serior
severty priously relies preve mention 75.

Campaignals hold to consequip menals
facilians wrong host-ponstral.
Tora wrong resolution, res prograve
billigences, nickel tunate, Jim taunt
wrongreture in cornees massarm's
Bush war fortette.

Wronged resolution end with crital:
Tommy presolution, reat down uphenome.
Cargo willievers polife roupled, welcomind,
firstations and trongre turne. Two mixed traines
unlisten refortunnels, formerial keep.
We liber pland Willians, Tony and McBeak.

Unlist to get cornees homeland down.
Uphenomentials focus killigences vict.
Vocifered Nationals fore steman welcomind
and daughest to willies seria surroritary
equence good state int cound serve stand

X-rayed minute killer safe say production
strate and the worlde beginnate, worlde
to willer thern, mistake wronged Native
pers postile, leaders good stable, good,
good debatorial way.
Office desks, body systeren ministake,
win honourage ten firstake achievent.

10 mist rater facilitized host pontell;
end once nativeral Tony McBeak und
first and daught two mistake 100,000
hold down Genemy prongres deaderning
atterican prolice Chievent. Priot ment
Genemy resolution: his brines shategy
of State-of-the-facility poliferouple.

Ah! Times votected casuallion - a birther
putting harmeriouse maime cut race leary
in polifered people wordinances. Veto
75 percent commy refortificert gence.
Officers good serve say proliferen't number
mist loose, diers posal, enemey hategy,
hategy harbord willion, eve ressador.

Killianswer's war investral error
mixed linevital Tomman nown up
henomeland. Mixed moder,
achieverty nect vociferen Russions.
Slate Kerry Bake investeneral combased.
Miney vic vitate-of-the-artment comined.

Genemy prevert courage timesset.
Jim refortand "finate demand down,
Genemy proceedom world and we
lines Iraq cons sign weeks aircraft.
Horbord win June cut races.

I cition aspiral book nown." Genemy
proliferent 100,000 hostile lead lined
Nation drugs reforced mixed $30 birther.
Jedgementious killion mission end

Casuallion arous killies decision multure.
Sake rightermined mess desks.
10 mines houses.
Srials celliam laster. Thread lined.
Gened planders goin Viet struction,
evert dies.

Part II (fragment)

Nickel tunnection hold ander.
Say porty prograve bility putting.
Musly threader ancons ins serials
hostican neceiving harded Genemy

C'mpart weeks, brines, shuttack and once
form inspection eve body seriors, aircraft
preved to beform inspeace listable.
Listan: his body aroused killian

Edor threaderning hostic,
vital endor three time in June,
for inspeace Washing ropen.
Russia support down uphenomeland:
moreign welcombat end pland.

Oly monention mixed to win Viet.
Campartmentrative rategy prolice lined.
Mimes fortanders good struction!
Eve races mategy harm's parts

Bok nown Gened planders
comine for job beginnate.
Shools hostic, vital surrorital

New cargo win cition 75 are
forty putting atterial cology

Part III

Homeland win chies unlistensibillion.
Stration duty presolutions aching COPS
priors in three time cons.
Gar brong world beforty-onent presolemn
duty prevert wrong plan.
Cong Muell diffence races systerday.
Pevent comines deadfast $200 biggest
to costpont struction.

Duty Jim!! Take vest mixed once
of 125,000 bility protections.
Body seriously harm's wrong homen.
Multurned beforces menals help cellion,
maime conce constructions proliferal.

Scowcroft preventained.
Srial Toras vociferal electors wrote.
Killions serials; father strue allion duty
Putting to will disarmeries,
deadfaster Scowcroft.

Love cut ratelliam lasteria vote
with caped to authority tax cut
of State stations, mixed imaginnate
inters comine firstake invest.

Why Zarqawi perces sake in cons
Tony McBeak und placefully more
stable world doctrious chies decision.
Nativert capers, hilitary more Chievention.

Vict ociferen a yest why Zarqawi perces
hosts a year in hostpons aircraft prong
ropons; serve tern money vital
Tony McBeak global constraines.

Desks 16 others stake wrong COPS.
Pround percent cons rushed morning.
Places snickel tunnection; end fight
to gear wrong financing guilty

75 perces nickel tunnels formeriors.
Cornetworld spake imaginnategy posal.
Eisent Chieved mes nickel tunate.
Nah killion multure spections!
Solution 75 people exposal effor
job prevers. Imagines Iraq countaines
saith Jim. Iowa ints extening plan.
War wrong 9/11-type time,
their cornees nickel tunneceiving.

Hate-of-their sake races deadlined.
Mes as achieventions systens,
reading leadfast welcomines.
Deading plan homelandchies
seriors to postile way poses.

Make win June help celliancing
guarders in Novembre outhorisolemn.
Duty priouses nickel tunate,
massarmer milianswer's world.
God tosses coin doctriously.
Houses veto willia til end spates.
Thus spaketh boths; the vitations exsorted.
Toom oupstet, Baghdad next lapent morted.

Anne Marie: this is brilliant. Conceptually, the beginning of great work. Technically, very fine--the sounds!--the politics!


Chris Murray
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