Tuesday, November 16, 2004

peek viewing

drink it you shit
but then you like it
and it's not liking that this is about
pain then tying a brick to each ovary
by nylon thread and letting them dangle
between your legs once a month
bruising your thighs the
least of
head skull-empty, banging and arranged, all
neatly arranged – the murders; not with weapons
but bear hands which could one night as a dream-would reach
in and pull viscera freefree and hang any bit
of any choicest 'n tree on the tree across
the street in the park the ravens
picking little juicy bits
and being able to
oh go see him he looks like he could use a bitablood up him
go spit that tasty morsel of deadman's tit in his eye
the simply being able to destroy
with bare hands
from gut out
to go public
and lick back with relish
ooh you gorgeous bombblasterers-you, you semen smelling
concrete smashers you responsible for Palestinian rubble
and Iraqi blackholed vice ooh look come
scent my uterus get hard for me
Little Men
and there there go birdies go
go spit gangrened flesh at them
let them hear telepathy saying g g:
"This flesh she drew from your own babies' bellies
with her bare hands whilst they lay alive and screeching"
and she's menstruating so knew not how to stop herself
but fed it to us us fancy us in a mere social whirling
in the tree tops chanting horse chestnuts
A man stops for a brief instant and thinks he needs
a cigarette
decides he needs to piss
- ah - too late
a witch is squatting before him pulling her vulva apart
and his newly born's intestines are dripping from her
and he smells (vomits) hell and hell it was nothing to do
with him honestly he was just earning a crust
and then these birds came
like fucking Hitchcock's
and ate from her hole
and caw-caw'd
and flew over head
and shat it
down upon him The Heavens raining hate
and him simply a passer                       by

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