Friday, December 03, 2004


this is a crivenning gutslep
how he scrivinns the dadchild myld

her. Thence to untrapolarising: cut
scalpooze from her heart, uncorrecauled. How

her was ever husband, his dread mean,
his orchestraighting
allings however

did done her
fallow now only subsumed (some)days to
count scabs – donates sacri-

ficials my daughter mantra fuckyou! dad go
control else some(body) else

from her any God cherved, scruntised
to a babbled
                      I don't say grace

Come, girl
let's counter-parry gypsy curls
chant fuckyou!s and from

take days, seed, reputation, growth,
it's okay to condemn, tomorrow'll
birth comparison. I

shall receive my looks
in you Fine Child Of My Hips his

was only a piddled tadpole smaller
thanna pinhead, loathe

hush; blenkering a dusk prets
and gentics sivasilk, my eggs loti

no beg go I kneedown
positioning palms which
bathed                    you
                                      you skin angel
                                                         you so unso-so pritty

drusher hope's undeceptivity

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