Saturday, February 05, 2005


it is not collaboration of the femurs has it
but their way her thighs have of hiding

(dreams) what conglomeration his tears make
compact interwoven whetting into

hydrophanes her hairs; locked she remains
fears mere archaeology that no thrust may inter-

change but a palaeolithic dry to be continued
fire none in sight yet angry eyes
cinnabar cochinealious retinas a development + or –


the collar bone pain a trimming politeness
there is the walk along her to her wrist joint, tickled this gives
a passing

restraint made up of children and duties
and his faked gibes cut cut the tendons clean scrub
is both and land and hygiene

and one cannot have both
she took the oath
but he seemed not to have

papers to be sent for parchment
skin and written upon the bulk of her tightness dread and the

(bought her a ream) past issued too ready promises
knees are to go down on tomorrow


in prayer that the settlements not divisions
 a rationalising life strips druse
  to its theological logicalities

hand not a vice
not a terrible person but nice, actually
she in fact prays him romantic

the shock never varying the alone always his making
true, some things she fakes
staves off neverendingness

the botched pleasantries

neverendingness --

You ARE good. Although, I do need a rather heavy dictionary to get through your stuff.

Is there anything forthcoming related to the purple fingers? Would be interesting to read your take on it.

Alex Braverman
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