Saturday, March 12, 2005


flatulence skewers a landscape
rappees where no skank freedom sniffs between bankrises; this
marsh of year before branches pop
river banks nonce leftover moth
mouthfuls and
the timing
is out

name clouds something televisiony: autocratic
n' horrible
or archaically fabricated such as
noblesse o'erseiged; snatch their response

like old men's trousers
a scarped dead-heaviness that head bothers before crotch-smell

then howcome their scotoma sucking-capable
that they may suckle place settings

each macro view a remembered present
without recall to what's massed about us:

Bronze Age bedrock white chalk horses, ritually juridical. Utilitarian
pleachers, hazel whipped, set with droor hygrometrical diamont├ęd e-h

the season-of-gathering-in is a vanquished vanishing
point; clocks
squat preternaturally menopausal

yet most sunsets still appear repeat repeat foetus
as if past unsure becomes parabolared reborn thus

torn tic n' spawngut from parasitic winter
that we may uninstall the doxology of waiting

a steamy slop, sarcous
rime cancelled


check it out
move it on
to the guitar sound
spewin' out the speakers
here at the net shop
called Indisub where I am blog surfing
and trying to get
wherever that is.

I think it may be wiv you
coz I too am a word
locked in the expanse
of humanities lot
soon to be flattened
for the shopping mall
where Walmart 'n Maccy D's
is gonna go head to head
in a burger, light novelty goods
stationary, greeting cards
and hearts 'n consume mind war.

I am partisan
and will be selling half time
from the sidelines
in the car parking area,
but what's more important is

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