Sunday, May 15, 2005

my leaving

I'll be the tyred traffic
which crosses the

bridge I shall join hordes
who do not comply

fade into shadows
that won't readjust

despite lust’s
synovial suasive syzsgy

semi-dark in the waking
of high night

to ply
tender’s fallowed temptation

because why

words many of which you use
imply a rustiness
that breeds within
to break free of wrinkles
on the wrist of time
- tender shackles -
pushing the limits
to an oblivious oblivion
with raging, dormant, desires

this one is excellent [not that others aren't too]!
I must agree with anirudh. This one is excellent. The lines "synovial suasive syzygy" implies a wet, clean, poetic persuasiveness because syzygy is not only the combination of two feet in Latin and Greek prose, but also (I believe) an astrological configuration of straight lines.

I won't bog you down with my words any more. Nice writing.
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