Sunday, June 05, 2005

not if for the cloak hem but as

and you must pinch the ghee-sky’s refuse not
and you must screal at stability’s passing
and you must reconfigure the dank
durgemud good, walk plank for each crass autocratic
night’s wheeling day’s automatic peeling phases healed
crutched buffeted darned, darned-not, holed, splattering
broods chucked, tossed, feather pocked, caught up into a
mackerel sky rorsharch’d mithering. Where are our shared

babies’ crotcheting mutterings DNA magicked
as if all life petri-perfected? Mine opposed
to yours islanded bland then in the empty
socketed yearnings of the affluent who
have shit-nothing. What the pertological poker players mock
mere whims skimming nothing more embryo than whipped up
fool’s gold fluffed and marketed cropped dangerous stealth masked

grasp slither through the teeth’s grate press my knuckles
not for they ache dither hanker over the best
yet locked yes I am crespid and there is much
time before my individualisticated cuneiform comes
good to true evening out said credible dusk’s incunabula
trust microbobes at this point thrust the XY bleed-axes severed

as tired as endeavours as Good Works as faith
need never be. How crass this helpless endless secondary
theology passing. Oh God, Yougod who broke my heart who
violent as muscle dark as flagrant desertion certain as heroin
spumed deflesh as a shark-bite subsuming bit frothed with delight

found breakage and you must flinch not
floundered at the wrist pill spew gag slot
kept upright somehow the palm lips must not
fall now at this last post. Ghost holy or holy not

matters crustacean so all afflictions cower to jewelhard
card lucky striked like lightening and the child whiskeyed
against fright sister lover friend brother sundered altered

dread supped and shining heaving dealing a glint
a gilt glint a perpendicular unoddity suddenly not

chromosomed anything, free, to bint be

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