Thursday, September 29, 2005

grace allows to be seen

that there will always
be a tomorrow(again and again)
today. That:the show must go on
like:sex as bonding
like: us as ‘team’ presentation
or could be:the moment you don’t greet me with a kiss
butblank almost, preoccupied with whatever hat you are wearing
a courteous kiss:blank on a cheek
check:your change, your coat for:
stray hairs. De-brief me, knowing it
helps: toget my attention onto you, no
real care for my tensions only get the story out of the way
then:play the hetero-part, all controlled charm. Just don’t take
me: (will never ever) under the bicycle shed to the
lecture-roses; yourboys will be back soon
and other morefanciable friend(s). A pursed cheek offered, curt, done now, through – the night’s performance
achievedpart by part by part...

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