Thursday, October 06, 2005

growing older in the adult day surgery unit


how non-propagandist fingers
resist hoist, flet swathersome
neo-characterture belly sweat: thri
reponderous. Dram me'in please. A
swim-med swamp, mayn’t rise

no quick, no reflex proper yet
fastéd was as if stomach all that
mattered, tanked with something akin
to pethidine and then all chatter as if merely
more than as if not as if sum of all tall stories as

he’s a man in a white skullcap
and white clompy plastic clogs
no – white plastic clompies
and blue and blue and
and oh quite obviously lookedupto

who is qualified enough to slug epidural
through the spineskin disc gap chord anatomy
parted The Red See push aims me over
my own wee little cracklely pee-proof
pillow I go

numb with the great steroid hope
and any Cartesian apartheid
between heart 'nd dope
feshonned out nope
blood pressure

fine would you like
a sip of water?
world reels a
bit more

than an


having a cannula remooved
is like pulling a Christmas cracker
all tense shoulder faked fear and anti-climax


I have a bruise
diarrhoea and no party ha

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