Saturday, October 08, 2005

metabletica 5

ground a giant dead heroin addict’s arm
black tracks busted by the worm police

rats have eaten crisscross drainpipe
grooves around the compost maker

nights anaemic blue opal bait has fastened
its pull within delunared spaces

several mornings I have checked
for how many pellets to replace

have inched further and further across
the right hand side of the bed where our death

permits boundaries remain unlaid
and any sex thirst is routinely

splayed between silence
and seven years’ rotted

edict. There are happy
families out there

attentive husbands and women with shiny eyes
who have not been subjected

to the lecture-roses: marriages too
without maggots in closets

or the separation hex looming
its constant fix need

I hear scratching yet sheets
do not even suppose a corpse

listen to what rot your psychosis
cause causes

AnnMarie, i have just gotten around to going through your blog (sorry it took so long) and i'm really impressed. this particular piece is close to my heart and pulls the subject ever closer to a surreal world.

cheers, harry
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