Monday, November 07, 2005

mundificative tenses

and you could
out matter, sludge balls, grit cormed, waste shoved-born

and you could
some larger, some pea small, fall

and you could
flow, broken by screen, by granular force crawl, more
gravity screed then decreed, out all

and you could
formed, disown home secrets' excreta, these not aired but as
locked as un-

slippable you could knots. Dread
shifts not, dyed fast remains,
as if read and you

frames could where horizontals don't, nor
emporerirical purple
bore eyes set.

you do short shrift, as wealy west winds shift uncommonly
dead-south git

and you could
uncouth to be analytical about rifts familial or otherwise

and you could
a for example
sideboard transcom's imprecations press

and you could
flout logical routes
but hardly

and you could
bet months hence, hormonal, quarrelsome, the stenchiful stands we

and you could
to taked us astray, led as I was

and you
by daily labia lust when I should

have been cleaning and you could
say Talk dirty as

you so often.
and you did. Was brainwashed

and you could
me into believing selfplay prayer

and you could
 down there in
  empathy's bleeding purgative

and you could

and you could

and you could
any litany, especially the.

and you could
to the lions defend they have rights these male shoulder toucherers

and you could
fry in their supper

and you could
be saintly within disneeded correctibles

and you could
pillow talk God into a His PR job

and you could
remaker of childhood's suprasuppressed moments

and you could It
is not afterall crawling traumas then which haunt but availables

and you could have

and you did
if he'd have touched me I think I would have died

murderous projections

and you could
lose vespers tarnishables polishables compline warmables slipupperables

and you could

and you could

would in order to deny

you could
shadows quote and

and Outlines slouch
and hide


and you could
kill again within the forgiveness sufferables' quotient

and you could
this side, never really
this side

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