Sunday, December 04, 2005

How To Deal With a Foreign Body

Notice any stray hairs.
Don't flick them away.
See them consolated, as if at the end
of day sun came breaking strangely
through showers, threw
plain yellow upon bare splayed fairy twine.
Made gold flutter leaf, shoulders ormolu.
Perhaps one soldered between
teeth or food trapped kicks
in the throat's chief gag capacity.
Don't pick/sick. Permit the hair
its tensile                             dislocation.
Allow a bright thought which goes along the lines
of anything disgusting may be of benefit.
A sudden repudiation is not to be
messed with.
Notice also chins, fists, parts sybilised
or extramasculestrial, male bits
rags silk.
Beware webs and pendentives:
these are not the same things.
Do not belittle illusion's tenacity,
the spider's ability to deceive.
Trompe-l'œil exists in the mind's desire
to deceive itself: strokes, prayerful attitudes, impossible perspectives, lairs

where stippled flashes enrapt,
where anyone who dares
wins a vanishing
Over and above all this there's no glass ceiling
on love. We have all brushed up on hollow
Don't simply disappear.
Don't just sit there.
Don't delay, scrawl, crawl, quit, prevaricate, fake feelings, splurge
vortic promises upstairs to heaven. Life is not a preliminary
precaution. This is it.
Whatever you
do do, do
not split
Climb down from anything
Michelangelo. Last,
but not least,

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