Saturday, January 28, 2006

smooth 1

This week my priority is to circumscend
the fingerwagging head voices' tagging
but there are dulpications in furniture
patterns and not enough straightens.
Permutational, illyrical has gone
handle but one upon every thing:
a chair should not have one, nor
pencil which can after all be held
within a hand (a hand neither - )
may. There is no opposite to ad hoc.
Most's a must even
compel one to mind
the nature-prelude
yet be beneath me my
oh beneath-me-one!; let the disinfectant surface
.gatherers flee already fled displaced by
..song. Long awkward touching
...solemnity too immense to
...cross. I cannot plead
....come dust with me
.....come dust. Has
......not the same
....... sheen upon songone
it. First things first. Pretend sleek.
Then bend only as far as day goes.

Much here, and in other posts, that resonates with me.

I like the casualness of your poems. They don't hit you over the head at all (so many poems do--hey, look, i'm a poem), and haunt long after reading. Proof you got skillz!

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