Monday, March 20, 2006

finally: wed

there are so many places for hiding
the unused engagement and wedding
rings: in a quasi-ephodic skirt hem for example or behind

any row of dusty unperused books: the
former would have to be unpicked carefully so
as not to pull its threads and the latter could not be

theology or prayer or spirituality or Donne so this
takes: defness, placability, strict causality
between dust and needle and mind and:

eye and fingers and strength of: character
which comes full circle round to:
God so is not: linear but:

something more akin to: forever
hefted: bending:

the fear that all tears revert to: no-
thing and these failed arthritic knuckles would have:

slaved to
no ..avail

I loved this.

The one place I felt uneasy was in the strophe break at shedding: / arrogance. I couldn't work out whether you meant shedding arrogance, or shedding and arrogance as separate attributes. The unconventional punctuation throughout means I can't use the usual rules to decide, and it seems quite important to know.

Maybe you wanted the ambiguity?

But thanks for a fascinating read.
Gorgeous. Great poem. Send me stuff whenever you want.
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