Friday, March 17, 2006

txt dscre[anCs (1)
I shaLnt dEcrepit
d mndz flag-flaw
lEnianC riplz
strapL @ itz
thush 2 wip d
choir stipe d c@
cruelT redundanC
– uncRtN 2 stafe stil
d windz vegatictiv
clamp, hol yt
steD, steD

very very nice piece, love the rewrite of the previous

I am glad to see so many people are writing Poetry. Many publishers said that people are not interested in poetry, I find quite the contrary. Poetry is a live and well and I am excited that my book has been picked up by a ny publisher. Look for it online at autumnsboutique.com or coming soon to book stores near you.
"Dear Kimblake"
i love this piece annmarie!

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