Friday, March 03, 2006

txt, lIs & l8r l8r

U told me U wud luv me 4e - wot hapnd?

weL i mEnt it wen i sed it bt dat wz b4 i lookd eternity n d fAc

lookd eternity n d fAc wotz dat sposd 2 mean?

it mEnz God doesnt sit on a footstall o hide n an egg bawx nor iz God a worm n an apL o d beginNz of a zit on yor fAc

i hav n idea wot on erth youre talkin bout

datz exactly my point

wot iz?

dat God isnt on DIS erth

bt wen we lookd in2 Ech othRz eyes & U sed oh God oh God U ddnt mean it thN?


weL wot did U mean?

i mEnt dat it wz hEvNlE

& wot exactly duz hevN mean 2 u?

not DIS

& wotz DIS?

DIS iz sml v v sml & fst &amp;amp; bak & forth lIk tit 4 tat & itz alwys Bin d sAm

bt suRlE God iz a bit lIk dat suRlE suRlE?

I hav n idea wot on erth U R tawkin bout!!

oh hEr we go wen youre 404 U alwys mAk it bout me

U stil ther?


U wer tellin me bout God sA mo

therz Nuttin much mo 2 sA az i sed b4 God isn't 2 b found n a packet o doesn't cum az a bundle cnt b contaND isn't EzalE grasped

k & eyes? wot bout n d eyes? Bhind d eyes? how do explain a fire?

youve Bin watchN t% mNE b mviez

dun diss me pls

i wz jst trying 2 lIten tngz ^ L%k i gota run

God wud do onlE 1 of thOs

U ther?

yS bt mAk it qix i gota run

arent U goin 2 ask me whch 1?


weL ill teL U NEway - lIten not run

k i tink i got d point ...l8r

Fabulous. So true, poignantly so. I teach kids who think like this/talk like this. The piece puts me in mind - without in any way subtracting from its own integrity - of some of e.e. cummings' ventures into phonetic reportage. Excellent.
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