Friday, January 12, 2007

the warrior-apices

you got down upon your knees and began to count your strategies ababa a-grain-of-sand ahaha dust-specks-in-a-sunbeam nirabbuda rabbit's-grain abbuda ram's-grain vibhutangama ox's-grain sarvajna poppy-seed bindu mustard-seed sarvabala barleycorn mudrabala rabbit-egg niravadya sheep-egg akkhobini ox-egg gananagati eggs-in-a-basket samaptalambha eggs-upon-a-roof hetvindriya eggs-within-a-cloud ninnahuta clouds-within-a-sky hetuhila skies-upon-a turtle-back vyavasthanapajnapati black-wishes-squashed-by-white titlambha white-wishes-upon-a-grain-of-sand nahuta sand-upon-gratuitous-compassion nagabala compassion-upon-loneliness bahula tears-cried-in-loneliness kotippakoti holiness-upon-tears vivaha a-palmful-of-holiness kshobhya prayer-unspoken vivara prayer-upon-a grain-of wickedness pakoti wickedness-upon-a-grain-of-sand kankara homeland niyuta heaven-in-a-sunbeam ayuta the-all-inclusiveness-of-and koti and placed a finger-and-thumbful of spittle upon each grazed knee through torn cloth and stood and went about your daily business

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