Thursday, March 20, 2008

life on the pink

I want y/our pink
I want y/our slink proclivities
I want their satin subtererogatives jizzed
I want their dermis defiance necessitated on a
one touch risk
I want pull rip
I want slap sponsion
y/our after-spit stockingrun potion

I want y/our pink
I want y/our rosebud-ink
I want it vivificative, unspoken
I want scratch blooms red-fletched in a
downswoon motion
I want arch creation
I want it all-lip festered
y/our fast sap interlink concoction

I want y/our pink
I want y/our little cheekchinks
I want y/our spittle rim spectrum
I want its tossled risen rub sheen glistening a
swoon marcation
I want lap stink
I want consemination
y/our smooch dream connection

I want y/our pink
I want y/our leak brinks
I want their birthcream spillage
I want their dangerous possibilities peaked to
I want hide and seek
I want blend mutation
y/our after-earth meek mendelian

I want y/our pink
I want y/our dear cheap
I want y/our chiasmed seepage stoppered
I want it blot tethered towse topped smeared by a
steel link rope
I want hope tied and tested
I want what I think
I want your kink

Provocative poem, calls to mind
Getrude Stein. The repetition
resists becoming boring due to
your word choice and disconnected
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