Wednesday, July 30, 2008


s/he says fuck the fosse too inoften: and
its graffage is a divide: we
slide the sheugh-scarp
on our relief hints: we
savvy our soso-slurry: into
certain house divides bermed
and impermeable: I
dowse scattle words
for t/heir teeth chatter: I
dither t/heir leg sike
for determinate
for hitherto splatter
counterdrainage in: the
intrenched vanfessed matter: all
pastwall the last-ditch
the crutch delf intest
the cornermouth dribble
the wishfest
the grab
the bib
rip sluit-shoot
the breast fetch
the no rest suckle
the slow moreslow slide: to
the rim rime
toss pretext
thence milkprize zest
..jumpscarp juice crest:
s/he's a’pinch for the landmark neck
ringfence missy and stoodfast stet
and slutwet: I
forget each time: and
buck the engorge: and
levy a

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