Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I catch y/our strip there the catspew-fear: are
disremembered remains sheer and
fever-arreared piloerected
crawl-splayed double-
trailed to dribble
trace y/our: our
embrace proclivities
wall pawpad marked: its
pee-mad sprails claim the night
inspection where: you squaited: in
the pitch eves’ whitespace sprotted: a
past a she-enemy reaffirms
her traits psychobladdering
her previous form
her caulbore
domesticonstraints cojoins
four by four territorial want: of
more and more spored: she
deplores all y/our: yourshe
she grows screamical
demoniacal history
eventual history

her arreptitious shit tip worn: a
well walked by

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