Saturday, July 19, 2008


y/our cast-trail along my weave dredge: I
fasten eyes for slaverslime
for speculate
my greige goods are spoken to soft
drapes musktainted and
use trained: I
dewgland: I
sleetch the tipglide trail cover
splayed: y/our
settle fingers dither up the splatter
way: y/our hands paying residue
tax between my
creases my heave a lax
froth my Eve-shame sapropel: we
shudder the hessian coarse
grain to surrender
stains belted for luck: I
stuffle y/our amethyst marriage apron on
the piddle hook paddle the rug sedge
to dry rag surrender: I
pack pattern,
huddle: we
y/our risk smile
fray at the muck edges: I
trudge our lesser
y/our arms meticulous
in much

I'm loving your work.. The Lewis Carroll-ian sluice-dom of it and the brave (it IS brave) cutting edgeness is arresting and well done. Thank youfxcvcu
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